Asia’s Strongest Man Is From India And Here’s His Inspiring Story

Asia's Strongest Man - Manoj Chopravia

His name is Manoj Chopra. Manoj was born in 1970, Raipur, weighing 4.9 kg. Now Manoj stands at 6 feet, 5 inches, weighing in at 170KG.  Manoj Chopra, who is India’s Strongest Man, Asia’s Strongest Man, and is ranking World’s 14th Strongest Man and is a Guinness Book of World Records holder. the public has called him, “Hercules”, “Genial Giant”, “Modern Bheem” and “Strongest He-man”.


How It All Began For Manoj Chopra

Asia's Strongest Man - Manoj Chopra

Chopra’s quest to become a strongman began when he encountered a major hurdle in his life. In 1996, at his home in Bengaluru, six cars he owned for his travel agency were involved in accidents on the same day. Chopra was distraught. He had moved to Bengaluru in 1991 from his hometown of Raipur (capital of Chhattisgarh) because he had wanted to go into the tourism industry. With no cars, he had no means of earning an income, and no money to cover the massive cost of paying to repair the cars.


Asia's Strongest Man - Manoj Chopra

Because of the stress due to the situation, Manoj sometimes flew into violent rages such as fistfights. And once beat up his opponent so badly he landed in jail.

“My name was in the newspapers, and no one liked me after that,”

he says. He felt dejected and lonely. His mother told him he had tarnished his good name, and his family and friends shunned him.


World’s Strongest Man Competition

Asia's Strongest Man - Manoj Chopra

Then when one day Manoj turned no the television, flipped through channels and landed on the World’s Strongest Man competition. He noticed that there was no one representing India. And that was the day when he decided to become strong and he dreamt of becoming the World’s Strongest Man. “When I saw the World’s Strongest Man Competition, my mind was changed,” he says.

“I saw people from around the world, all of them there. But from my country, nobody was there. And I decided I was going to work very hard and take our country’s flag for the world’s strongest man.”


Now, Manoj Chopra is traveling the world motivating and inspiring young people from every culture these days. Manoj tries to lead the way to true success in life for every child in every society, who takes his message “Say yes to life and no to drugs.” to heart.


Check Out Him In Action Here

 He surely stands worthy of the term – Asia’s Strongest Man!


An Inspiration For Many

Asia's Strongest Man - Manoj Chopra

He has been presented as speaker in more than 3,000 schools worldwide. Motivational programs in the states of India including 40 other countries – Australia, Athens, Europe, Middle East, Canada, USA, Denmark, Korea, Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Kenya. Manoj Chopra is a man who loves to see people succeed. Such an inspiring journey isn’t it? Also, check out the story of the tallest bicycle built by another man from India, here.


Source: History TV

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