Arjun Kapoor Thrashed A Website For Using Cheap Headline About Jhanvi Kapoor’s Attire

Arjun Kapoor Used Offensive Words To Show His Anger

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Social media is a place where the celebs connect with their fans. However, social media is no stranger to controversies. Moreover, a huge number of controversial generators can be found on social media. To conclude, there are a lot of times when the celebs introduce their anger there. This time a website had to face the wrath of Arjun Kapoor. Admittedly, Arjun Kapoor is not the name that we usually see in controversies but this time the Ishaqzaade actor could not control himself.


A Website Came Up With An Offensive Headline

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There are a lot of websites that usually come up with cheesy headlines to get the clicks from the fans. Well, this time a website wrote something about Jhanvi Kapoor’s attire which was shameful. A website featured an article with the title “@arjunk26 के घर पहुंची #JanhaviKapoor ने पहनी इतनी सैक्सी ड्रैस कि दिख गया सब कुछ, देखें तस्वीरें”.


Arjun Kapoor Slammed The Website

It was certain that the language used in this title is intolerable. Reading the headline, Arjun took to Twitter and showed his anger in his words. He wrote, “U know what F*ck u man f*ck u as a website for highlighting or bringing it to anyone s attention…and it’s shameful that your eye would go searching for something like this shame on you. This is how our country looks at young women yet another shining example…ashamed by this.”


It Is Shameful

Arjun Kapoor

It is really shameful to see this kind of stuff from a website that should be helping the readers to develop positivity. We wish they may learn their lesson with this incident and stop coming out with this kind of click-bait creativity. The thing that Arjun did, seems like the unconscious or subconscious reaction to that offensive headline.

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