Dangal 2 In CWG 2018; As Babita Phogat Father ‘Mahavir Singh Phogat’ Not Allowed To Enter The Stadium

She Said She Did Not Get The Ticket For Him

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The XXI commonwealth games are being hosted by Gold Coast Australia. The Indian athletes are doing great and there are still a lot of events left in which our hope is high. We believed in Babita Phogat and she captured the Silver medal in 53 Kg Wrestling. The entire country was happy about the success of Babita Phogat but Babita was a bit sad.

Her father, Mahaveer Singh Phogat went to Gold cost to support her daughter during her match. It was the first time when Mahaveer Singh went to watch her match. However, the things did not go the way he desired. Babita Phogat tried to get the ticket one day before her match but she could not. Mahaveer Singh waited outside the stadium and he got the entry after the match when Babita used the help of Australian athletes.


Babita Phogat Was Sad After Winning Medal

Babita Phogat

Winning the silver medal, Babita Phogat said, “I am sad that my father could not watch my bout. It was the first time when he came to watch me live. Each athlete can get 2 tickets but I could not get a ticket for him. I am sad that he could neither watch my bout live nor on TV.”


Australian Team Helped Her

Babita Phogat

She added, “I used the help of some Australian athletes to get some tickets and they helped my father get in. Before that, I asked from Indian Olympic Association. I was trying since last night to get a ticket for my father. It felt bad when he could not enter the stadium.”


This Is What Vikram Sisodia Said

Babita Phogat

Vikram Sisodia, the head of Indian Gold Coast Mission said, “We received tickets from Commonwealth Games Federation and we gave the tickets to respective coaches of the athletes. We have given five tickets to Rajiv Tomar (wrestling coach). We don’t know why Babita’s father could not get the ticket. Maybe, she was asking for extra tickets.”


Similar To The Climax Of Dangal

Babita Phogat

Here the reality seems similar to the movie Dangal, where Mahaveer Phogat was locked in a room and could not watch the bout of her daughter.

Well, each athlete has the desire that his/her father watch him/her playing. We know how Babita has felt. What do you say? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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