These Animals Are The World’s Richest Pets- Check Out The List

World's Richest Pet Animalsvia

6. Conchita The Chihuahua

World's Richest Pet Animals

Conchita, probably the luckiest chihuahua inherited a mansion worth 8.3 million dollars and a trust fund worth 3 million dollars when her owner, Gail Posner passed away.


7. The Terrier: Trouble

Millionaires Animals

Leona Helmsley, the famous real estate developer might have named her little terrier as Trouble, but definitely didn’t consider her one! The controversial woman left her pet with 12 million dollars, which were reduced to 2 million dollars by the judge. However, Trouble still something her days relaxing at a spa before she passed away in 2011 a year after her owner’s death.


8. Blackie The Cat

World's Richest Pet Animals

Ben Really, before his death, left the pet with his entire real estate! Blackie was fortunate enough to inherit $12 million when his owner passed away.


9. Flossie

World's Richest Pets

The dog owned by Drew Barrymore earned itself the owner’s house as a mark of gratitude for barking and intimating the owner and her husband about the fire in the house.


10. Csoki The Parrot

World's Richest Pet Animals

The African parrot made a big fortune when it received £50,000 from a millionaire from London, Victoria Brown.

These animals are sure to bring a wish in our minds- “I wish I was this animal instead of who I am right now!” At least then we could be rich without even doing anything. These animals’ fortunes are not all, click here to read about the dog hotel that has opened up.

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