Meet Anastasia Sidorov The Real Life Rapunzel, Who Was Once Dealing With Baldness

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Anastasia Sidorov, 23, from Russia, got the hair that everyone desire of. Moreover, she is famous as real life redhead Rapunzel. However, she did not have the glamorous hair when she was a teenager. She revealed that she was dealing with baldness in the past.


Disease That Cause Baldness

Anastasia Sidorov

Alopecia is a disease that cause the hair fall and in worst cases, it leads to complete baldness. The treatment of the diseases does not work on everyone. Luckily, it worked for Anastasia Sidorov. Once she was dealing with hair fall and now she is a part of hair care profession and helping people out to get rid of their problems.


Impressed Everyone After Recovery

Anastasia Sidorov

After her recovery, she has appeared in many Russian magazines and she modeled for Pentene shampoo. She told her story. On Instagram she wrote, “Today I measured the length of my hair for the first time. I never wondered about this question, but there are a lot of questions. So, the length of the hair is 106 cm.”


Problem In Teenage

Anastasia Sidorov

She told that she was caught by the disease alopecia and she started to witness the hair fall in her teenage. She also said that she witnessed complete hair loss from some spots and that made her worried about them. However, the cause of the disease was unidentified but they believed it to be the outcome of excessive stress.


Anastasia Sidorov Got Her Alopecia Treated

Anastasia Sidorov

Worried about the hairs, Anastasia Sidorov decided to visit a hair specialist. She told that she was in desperation and ready to do everything for her hair. Luckily, the treatment worked for her. She remembers her feelings when she was in the hair fall trouble so she decided to join the hair care profession.

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