These 10 TV Series Actors Are Earning Immense Money Per Episode

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Today we have brought your 10 favorite TV series actors and the amount they are earning from a single episode in TV Series.


1. Anthony Hopkins- HBO’s Westworld- $300,000

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The science fiction TV series of HBO, “Westworld” is paying $300,000 per episode to Anthony Hopkins. No doubt, the Welsh actor of television is making great money for his role of Robert Ford in the series.


2. Emmy Rossum- Showtime’s Shameless- $350,000


For playing the role of Fiona Gallagher in Showtime’s Shameless, Emmy Rossum is being paid a whooping amount of $350,000. Her work is remarkable in the TV series.


3. William H. Macy- Showtime’s Shameless- 350,000

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Undoubtedly, Every time we watch William’s acting, our love for him gets deeper and deeper. Moreover, he gained millions of fans all across the world for his performance of Frank Gallagher, an alcohol addict old man in Showtime’s Shameless. For which, he is being paid $350,000 per episode.


4. Ellen Pompeo- ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy- $450,000

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The American medical drama series, “Grey’s Anatomy” is one of the top TV series. Moreover, Ellen Pompeo brought a huge popularity to the show as well as to herself. She allured millions of fans all across the globe with her acting. For her adroit acting skills, she is being paid $450,000 per episode in the Series.


5. Claire Danes- Showtime’s Homeland- $450,000

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In 2011, Claire Danes started her work in “Homeland”. There, she is playing the role of a CIA agent with bipolar disease. For this role, she is being paid $450,000 per episode.


6. Cast Of HBO’s Game Of Thrones- $500,000

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HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is arguably the most popular TV series nowadays. No doubt, they are investing a huge amount of money in the production of each episode. Hence, they are paying the cast a whooping amount of $500,000 for each episode.


7. Kevin Spacey- Netflix’s house Of Cards- $500,000

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Undoubtedly, Kevin Spacey is one of the best actors in the TV industry. The 48 year old veteran actor is receiving big money ($500,000) per episode from Netflix’s House Of Cards.


8. Mark Harmon- CBS’ NCIS- $525,000

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He started working in 2003 in “NCIS”. Now the veteran actor is receiving a huge amount of $525,000 per episode for the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the TV series.


9. Dwayne Johnson- HBO’s Ballers- $650,000

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The former professional wrestler is now one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. No doubt, he would add a huge amount to bank from the TV series. Hence, Dwayne is packing $650,000 per episode from HBO’s “Ballers”.


10. The Main Cast Of CBS’s The Big Bang Theory $900,000

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To produce a single episode of CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” they have to pay $900,000 to the main cast.

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