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7 Adorable Ways To Propose For Marriage

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'Marriages are made in heaven' its so rightly said. Marriage is probably one of the best times ever of one's life and it would be amazing to have someone propose to you in an outstanding manner! Who won't like it ? Who would not have thought for it ? I am sure, every body has. Here are 7 adorable ways to propose to someone. smiley


1. With A QR Code Chain!

We must always make use of technology. Therefore, gift your significant other a chain with a pendant that has a QR code which when scanned shows "Will You Marry Me?" Adorable. We know!

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2. Use A Pet!

The bright side of using a pet to give the ring to your lover is that they can never say no! Haha. It's super adorable for sure.

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3. Take The Help Of A Baby

Just like the pet, a baby will come of great use too. Who can say no when a baby is involved?

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Who knew that there was such a different AND easy way to propose to someone? This is insanely adorable, isn't it?

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5. Have A Band Give A Surprise Performance

Music is a great way to quirk things up. Plus your lover would love some music along with a proposal! 

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6. Propose At The Beach

Beaches already have this dreamy and romantic ambience which will only make things better.

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7. Adventurous Proposal!

Much like this one. Expensive but totally worth it.



All we want to say is that marriage is probably the best thing that can happen to someone. These seven ways of proposing are absolutely adorable. If you have more in mind, don't hesitate commenting and do let us know! smiley


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