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6 Separated But Not Divorced Bollywood Couples That Made Us Believe In Love


Of late there have been numerous instances of celebrity couples that separated and ended in divorces. While some broke up and proceeded to the court for divorce, there are few couples who separated but decided to be not divorced from each other.

No wonder celebrity lives have always been fascinating to us, the mere mortals especially when it involves celebrity couples. Love them or hate them sure we would like to talk about these celebrities and their lives, much more so when they are couples from the same field as famous as each other. Notably, Bollywood has its own glittery tales of love, Shaadi, betrayal, hatred and pangs of jealousy.

1. The story of the dream guy

Arguably the heart throb of yeasteryear, Rajesh Khanna broke the dreams of many young women in 1973 by marrying a 16 year old Dimple Kapadia and people talked about their romance for years. Incidentally they broke up after less than a decade of their marriage, yet they are still married. Recently, Dimple said her family lost their happiness the day they separated.


2. Alcoholism and short temper destroys the Randhir Kapoor – Babita family

The couple was head over heels in love for a while driving the paparazzi crazy when they got married in 1971. However, troubles started when the starlet was  asked to quit movies after their marriage. Furthermore, Randhir’s alcoholism and short temper added to their problems. Eventually they decided to get separated in 1988. Lately it is said they have reconciled and have started attending events together again.


3. Classic jealousy story of Gulzar and Rakhee

This couple of yesteryear’s glitter and dreams has been living away from each other for years now. In fact their daughter was just a year old when they decided to break off and the reason seems to be a classic case of jealousy. 


4. Separated but friends

Konkona and Ranvir met on a film set and got engaged in 2008. In fact they lived together for a couple of years before they finally tied knots in 2010. However, they denied the rumors that their marriage was on rocks for a while until they announced they were separating in 2015 through Twitter. They have a teenage son, Haroon.

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5. Mohammad Azharuddin – Sangeeta Bijlani

He was our Indian cricket team captain, while she was a lead star who was about to get married to Salman Khan. Nevertheless, this love struck jodi defied everything that was against them and got married in 1996. Subsequently things went haywire and they got separated in 2010.

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6. The love story that had it all

The couple’s marriage and break up had the best of drama. While Om Puri accused her of adultery, Nandita accused him of domestic violence and went on to write a book on their story. Inspite of all these funfare, the duo has not yet divorced each other.

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Despite all that we hear and envy about the Bollywood and its glamor, these heart break stories of love and family makes us feel that they are also one among us humans. Don’t they?

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