These Five Are The Most Smallest Countries In The World

Smallest Countries



We always form images of grand, huge, bustling culture with millions upon millions of people when we think of a whole nation. However, there are some really tiny countries in this world. Here is a countdown of world’s 5 smallest countries:


5. Tuvalu

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Tuvalu is a group of nine islands. Formerly known as Ellice Islands, this island nation is situated in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia. Tuvalu gained its independence from Britain in 1978. The actual land area of this nation is 10 square miles and is ever shrinking due to rising sea level. Climate scientists estimate Tuvalu to be completely under water by 2100. The total population of this country is 10,640 as per 2012 census.


4. Nauru

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Found in the south Pacific is another tiny island nation called Nauru. It’s total land area is 8 square miles and a population of 9,488. Formerly known as Pleasant Island, this Island gained its independence in 1968. It then went on to become the 189th member of International Monetary Fund. Republic of Nauru is the only independent nation without a capital city.


3. Monaco


Monaco is a sovereign microstate in the French Riviera, Western Europe. It has an area of 0.78 square miles. Having a population of 37,800, Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world. Monaco is a principality governed under a form of constitutional monarchy, with Prince Albert II as head of state. Monaco became a full voting member of the UN in 1993. Its defense is a responsibility of France.


2. Vatican City


Vatican City is the smallest recognized country in the world. It is most famous for being the capital of Catholicism. Having an area of 0.17 square miles and a population of 842, Vatican is an incredibly significant country. It is completely surrounded by Rome, Italy. The city state forms its own coins, issues its own passport and has its own post-office.




This principality is amongst the least known places in the world. Having an area of 0.001 square miles, this country has never been recognized as an independent nation by the international community. It was actually created as a British naval sea-port to keep an eye on the Germans but it soon became world’s least known unrecognized country.

These are the World's smallest countries. Do you know any other countries which are as smaller as these ? Let us know in the comments.

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