5 Reasons Why Smriti Irani Is A Good Choice For Textile Ministry



Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first cabinet reshuffle has resulted in HRD Minister Smriti Irani being moved to the so called less significant Textile Ministry. Many arguments have since been put forward as a reason for what many are saying to be a demotion. But this move could well be a boon for Textile Ministry. Although this sector does not get much of media attention or hype, it has the potential to change the job market and provide a boost to development. Here are five reasons why Smriti Irani is a good choice for Textile Ministry:

1. Brilliant Leadership Skills

When was the last time a prominent political personality was given the charge of Textile Ministry? Smriti Irani has proved her leadership skills and strong decision making ability. Even as HRD Minister, her work was widely appreciated. Given the sorry state of Textile Industry in the country, a leader like her was exactly what the doctor prescribed.



2. Humble Background

Coming from a humble background, Mrs Irani has an understanding of the day to day problems of a common man. She is among the strongest personalities in current Indian political set up. Being a strong decision maker, she has the ability to take bold decisions which may be required to revive the Textile Industry.



3. Experience

Before being transferred to the Textile Ministry, Smriti Irani has successfully handled the Human resource development Ministry. Repetitive attempts to malign her image by dragging her into various controversies could not deter her from her responsibilities. The experience of having handled a vital portfolio like HRD Ministry is something that could give the Textile Industry a much needed push.



4. Clean Image

Despite dragging her into numerous controversies, even her most fierce opponents believe her to be an honest and non-corrupt leader. She is someone who leads from the front and is not deterred by anything. This may well prove to be a game changer and a much needed step in the revival of Textile Industry in the country.



5. Proven Performer

India used to be the second largest exporter of apparels and ready-made garments in Asia till 2003. In 2003, Bangladesh overtook India. In 2011, India suffered another setback when Vietnam overtook it too. Narendra Modi’s one of the priorities was to revamp the Textile Industry in India which was almost stagnating. To regain its prior position as one of the largest apparel exporters within the time frame, India needed someone who is strong. dedicated, determined and deals with iron hand. And who else but Smriti Zubin Irani could have been the choice.



Congratulations Smriti Irani ji and best wishes for your new responsibility. We are sure textile industry will achieve new heights under your able leadership.

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