13 Funny Pakistani Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Funny Pakistani

Pakistan is known for its negative activities most of the times. Moreover, it seems like these negative things have hurt Pakistan as well. However, Pakistan also has a funny side. By looking at this funny Pakistani pictures you will not only believe but also you will laugh out loud.

1. Flying Lessons In Pakistan


Not actually but technically it looks like this is how Pakistan gives flying lessons to his pilots.

2. We Will Occupy Every Inch


Although, it is dangerous, but still it is funny. Here the Pakistani’s are motivated to occupy even the last inch of the train.

3. Not Only Train But Bike Too


Not only train, here every vehicle has to tolerate the abusing. Lol this is one of the funniest images.

4. Now Car


The cars also have to follow the “every inch occupy” policy.

5. Donkey On Bike


If they do not have enough people to cover the space they use their animals.

6. This One Is A Weird One


People, donkeys and now what? A vendor cart?

7. Now Donkey Riding


Sometimes they put donkey on bikes and sometimes they put themselves on donkeys. This ride is only available in Pakistan. So, “Kuch Din To Gujariye Pakistan Me”.

8. Filling Petrol In Donkey?


They imagine the donkey to be their bike and it is they start treating them like their bike and even fill petrol in them. I wonder, if they demand the” vroom vroom” from animals.

9. Enjoy The Water Games


Here you can enjoy pc games and water simultaneously, can you have this kind of fun anywhere else.

10. Sometimes The Vehicle Retaliate


After a long suffering the vehicle retaliates sometimes and finds a best way to a sweet yet funny revenge.

11. Home Of The Jugaads


Although the vehicles can disfavor them but they find a way to make a jugaad out of it.

12. Creativity At Its Best


It is an inspiration for you to make the jugaads out of daily items.

13. What The Hell Is This?


If anyone of you knows what the hell is this please tell us in the comment sections.

These Pakistani pictures are funny for sure but we do not meant to hurt any Pakistani friend it is just a little funny. Isn’t it? Tell in the comment sections.


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