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Bollywood movies are incomplete without music and when King of Melody aka Kumar Sanu sings, people usually forget the story of the movie and what they remember is one of the most melodious voices of Bollywood. He holds the Guinness Book of world record by recording 28 Playback songs in a single day. He won the Five consecutive Filmfare Awards as Best Male Singer for Aashiqui (1990), Saajan (1991), Deewana (1992), Baazigar (1993) and 1942: A Love Story (1994). Today we are looking for some of the most memorable songs sung by Sanu Da.


10. Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye

I can guarantee that most of them don’t know the name of this movie and might be surprised with this entry in the list of Memorable songs by Kumar Sanu. But yes, this beautiful song has been sung by our own Sanu Da and it’s from the movie Jurm (1990).


9. Is Tarah Aashiqui Ka

This hit is from the movie Imtihaan (1994) and one of the most famous songs among youths and most of them sing this one to impress their partner and to express their feelings.


8. Tera Mera Pyaar

This video song is from the album Tera Mera Pyaar (2004) and its one of the best song of that year. Sanu Da himself is the composer, lyricist and singer of this song. This song is famous for its melodious music, cute love story and for gorgeous Nimrat Kaur. Many of them, includes me watched this song countless times just for this gorgeous lady.  How many of you did the same?


7. Aankh Hai Bhari Bhari

Who cares about the story and star cast when the soul of the movie is Music. Movie Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hai (2002) success goes to the popularity of this song. Music composer Nadeem Sharavan and Kumar Sanu hit the jackpot many times when they worked together and this is one of them.

6. Kitna Haseen Chehra

Dilwale (1994) was one of the highest grossing Bollywood movies of that year. It is among few movies in India cinema whose all songs are the superhit and are still very popular. There are many songs like Ek Aisi Ladki Thi, Jo Tumhe Chahe, Saaton Janam Me Tere are all song by our Kumar Sanu.


5. Tumhein Apna Banaane Ki Kasam

This romantic song is from the movie Sadak (1991), the 7th Highest grossing film of 90’s decade and second highest of 1991. The movie was famous for its songs and an amazing acting by late Sadashiv Amrapurkar. Kumar Sanu has sung most of the songs in this film.


4. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

This song gave Sanu Da his 5th consecutive Best Male Playback Singer Award from the film 1942: A Love Story (1994). The movie was average and ran mostly because of its music.

3. Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai

Here we come to our top 3 and this song takes third on our list from Saajan (1991). It was the highest grossing movie of 1991 and 5th highest grossing of 90’s decade mainly because of its cast and music. Kumar Sanu bagged his 2nd consecutive Best Male Playback Singer Award for this song. This is also among few movies whose all songs are the superhit and are still very popular.


2. Sochenge Tumhe Pyaar

Kumar Sanu completed his hattrick of Best Male Playback Singer award with this most romantic song from movie Deewana (1992). Deewana was the second highest grossing movie of 1992 and was declared as Blockbuster. The movie was very popular because of its music, story and a debut of Shahrukh Khan. Songs like Teri Umeed, Payalia, Aisi Deewangi, Teri Isi Ada Pe and Koi Na Koi Chahiye are other hits of this movie.


1. Ab Tere Bin

Without a doubt, this song tops our list and it also gives Kumar Sanu his first Best Male Playback Singer Award. Aashiqui (1990) was the All Time Blockbuster and it is the best selling soundtrack album in India of all time with 1.50 crores copy sold. All songs of this movie are Blockbuster with EK Sanam Chahiye and Dheere Dheere se Meri Zindagi Me Aana are my personal favorites.

This list can be endless because there are countless hit songs given by Kumar Sanu, we just filtered out few to share with you all. Please share your personal favorite songs by Kumar Sanu in the comment below.

We will come back again with more hits more songs by other singers soon.

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