10 Interesting Facts of Gujarati People



Whenever we hear the name of Gujarat, all that comes in our mind is fafdas, dhoklas, khamans and theplas. People from Gujarat has their own amazing culture and delicious cuisines. I have Gujarati neighbors and trust me, there are lots more, than ‘kemchos’ and ‘theplas’. Let’s find out some of the interesting facts of Gujarati people.


1. Dance

Gujarati People_1


You can experience a hype of dandiya raas and energetic Garba; one of the best things Gujarati People inherits.These dances are of high-level energy done mainly by Gujarati folks! These dances are usually carried during Navratras.


2. Business in their blood

Gujarati People_bussiness

Whatever you study only thing in which they pursue their career is in ‘dhando’ also known as ‘business’. That is what Gujarati is famous for. Needless to give examples as all are aware about them. 


3. Delicious cuisine!


If you have a Gujarati friend, be ready to enjoy the tasty and delicious cuisines. When summer arrives, in almost every Gujarati home, you will find mangoes.


4. Thrilling masala chai!


You can relish the wonderfully prepared masala chai by a gujju family. This consists of cinnamon, cardamom powder, ginger powder, ground cloves and pepper powder.


5. Awesome Gujarati language

Gujarati language

You can learn some common Gujarati words like “kemcho” which means how are you? and also “avjo” which means good-bye.


6. Great bargaining skills

bargaining skills

If you are going for shopping with a gujju friend, definitely you will learn excellent bargaining skills. And if online, they will not shop till they get some wonderful vouchers and coupons.


7. Around the world

Around the world Gujrati

I am not sure whether you wil find food, cloth and shelter in every country or not. But I am sure you will fiind gujju’s around the world.

8. An awesome Gujarati wedding!


Attending a Gujarati wedding is just a never miss opportunity. Grand party, dance, food and lots of functions you would mesmerise entire life. So ensure to save your holidays to attend the Gujarati wedding!


9. Intelligent


This might be stereotypical, but when you need any help in maths and science, you’ve got a free tutor!


10. Family Oriented


With the extended friends and family members, Gujarati people know many people. This shows that gujjus are family oriented.

These are some interesting qualities you will find in Gujarati people. 

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