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Insecurity At Relationship? Zodiac Sign Reveals Things That Make Your Lover Feel Insecure

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5. Leo – Love Being The Center Of Attraction


Leo people love being the center of attention. They feel insecure and jealous if they find that someone is stealing that attention.


6. Virgo – Truly Perfectionists


You can find many Mr. or Ms. Perfect in Virgos. Yes, they are known for being perfectionists. So if they find any signs of imperfection in a relationship, it makes them feel insecure and they maintain distance with their partner.


7. Libra – Compare Themselves With Others


For a Libra, striking the right balance is very important. They feel insecure when they compare themselves with others. Any kind of disruption which shakes that balance irks them.


8. Scorpio – Very Sensitive


Scorpios are known for their sensitive nature. If they feel that they are being isolated or ignored, then they often suffer from pangs of insecurity.

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