The Story Of Yashasvi Jaiswal Who Is Part Of India’s U-19 Cricket Team Inspires You

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One good opportunity can change the life if that is utilized properly.  And opportunities don’t knock our doors every day. Furthermore, If we struggle hard to achieve something, the universe will provide an opportunity to fulfill our dreams. And not everyone can keep going amidst of all difficulties. Furthermore, Only a few strong hearted deterministic people move forward to achieve their dreams whatever the situations comes in between. Only those people will make into the list of successful people.

If you say, getting admission to top college, getting high paid job, getting married are successful things, then I say you totally misunderstood the concept of success. In addition, Yashasvi Jaiswal, 17-year-old has set an example for those who dream big. Furthermore, He is all set to represent the U-19 Indian cricket team during the upcoming Sri Lanka tour.


The Struggles He Faced To Fulfill His Dream


Furthermore, Jaiswal, son of a small shopkeeper in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, moved to Mumbai at the age of 11 with a dream to represent his nation one day. In Mumbai, he met his uncle Santosh who was a manager of Muslim United Club. In addition, As Santosh’s house wasn’t big enough for another occupant, he requested the owners of the club to allow the boy to stay in a tent.

For three years, Jaiswal then lived with groundsmen in the Muslim United Club’s tent at the Azad Maidan ground in Mumbai.

Jaiswal said, “This was after I was asked to leave the dairy at Kalbadevi. After playing cricket the entire day, I would get tired and go to sleep. One day, they threw out my luggage saying I do nothing, don’t help them and only sleep.”


Yashasvi Jaiswal Slept In Tent For Three Years


Furthermore, He used to train hard in the morning and sleep in the tent along with the groundsmen of the club at the Azad Maidan ground in Mumbai. Since he was struggling to make ends meet; he started selling pani-puri during Ram Leela and also sold fruits to earn a living. In addition, Jaiswal also used to play matches with older boys to earn Rs 200-300 per week.

“I always used to see boys my age bringing food or their parents had big lunches with them. As for me, it was — khana khud banao, khud khao. (make your own food, eat alone). No breakfast. Catch hold of anyone around and request them to buy breakfast,” he recalls.


In addition, It’s not possible to live in Mumbai with an earning of Rs 200-300 per week. He had to sleep on an empty stomach many times.

“During Ram Leela, I earned well. I prayed that my teammates would not come there for pani-puri. Sometimes they did and I would feel bad serving them,” the youngster added.


The Good Day Has Come

Yashasvi Jaiswal

Mumbai U-19 coach Satish Samant recognized Yashasvi Jaiswal’s talent.

“He has this ability to read a bowlers mind and adapt to a situation. Most under-19 players get tempted to play too many shots too early. He does not. The other thing is, he does not have a smartphone, is not on WhatsApp. This is rare for a teenage cricketer these days. He is cut off from social media. He has talent and if he keeps focus like this, he will be next big from Mumbai player,” said Satish Samant.

Furthermore, Yashasvi Jaiswal now lives in a small chawl in Kadamwadi. He made it to the U-19 limited-overs India side which will tour Sri Lanka in July. The team is set to play two four-day and five one-day matches in this tour. He is now 17 and all ready to join the Indian Under-19 team for the Sri Lanka tour as a middle-order batsman. When you are truly passionate, no dream is too big. In conclusion, What do you say? Share us in the comments. Junior Tendulkar is back, check out twitteratis reaction.

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