World’s Shortest Flight That Takes Only One Minute; Check Flight Route And Details

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Buckle up or you could miss the air view! Some flights are so quick, that booking tickets takes more time. At any point ever thought about where the shortest flight on the planet works? Continue reading to find out about this world’s shortest flight journey.


World’s Shortest Flight

World's Shortest Flight Scotland

Operated by Loganair, a Scottish airline, the world’s shortest booked flight connects the pleasant Orkney Islands in Scotland. Traveling between Westray and Papa Westray, this flight lasts just one minute and a half. The actual flight time? Less than a minute. The record for the fastest trip is 53 seconds, set by pilot Stuart Linklater.


Short Yet Picturesque

Shortest Commercial Flight In The World

The flight covers a mere 1.7 miles across the water. The fun fact is that is about the same length as the runway at Edinburgh Airport. Travelers get a unique experience, particularly those in the first row who can watch the pilot at work. This route has been in operation starting around 1967, filling in as a vital link for the 70 residents of Papa Westray. Also, check out some of the longest flight journeys.


More Than A Novelty

Regardless of its fastest route, the flight is operational for the islanders, associating them with the rest of the world. Lately, it’s additionally attracted tourists to enjoy the amazing views of Scotland’s coastline and crystal-clear waters.


A Memorable Journey

Shortest Flight In The World

This world’s shortest flight journey and the route it takes above water is something beyond a mere transportation need. It offers a remarkable travel experience that has a mesmerizing effect. Tourists from around the globe come to take this flight, witnessing staggering aeronautical views and taking in the natural beauty with the world’s fastest flight. Thus, in any case, if you are searching for a one-of-a-kind travel story or essentially need to wonder about the Scottish land from a higher place, this quick journey is a necessity. Whenever you’re in Scotland, don’t miss the opportunity to board this memorable flight. Therefore never skip this experience, where in excitement of the world’s shortest flight is a must need. It’s an outing you will always remember!

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