10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials To Upgrade Your Style

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Although it’s cold out and you need to layer, it’s always important to have essential pieces that look good in any setting. In the winter, wardrobe essentials are all about layering to achieve maximum warmth while still looking great. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 winter wardrobe essentials to upgrade your style to help you remain stylish through spring.


Trench Coat

Trench Coat

When it’s windy and bitterly cold, you want as much protection against it as possible. With a trench coat, you can still look amazing, and be bundled away from the brutal temperatures. A great look for a trench coat is in camel hair, or try one in wool and see why they’re classics in style.

Choose a windbreak trench coat that is long in length for a streamlined look, and a belt adds a little style to keep it from feeling bland. Because of their waterproof nature, trench coats are ideal for winter weather so you aren’t feeling those flurries when you leave the office. Traditionally double-breasted, a trench coat looks classic because it is a classic, and will always give a classic vibe.


Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

A real, well-made leather jacket will last a lifetime if cared for. A belted, blazer-style leather jacket looks professional enough for the office but will go to dinner looking great also. Stylish, classy, and rugged, there are many styles and cuts you can select from PalaLeather, and the warmth they provide is worth paying for genuine leather. This winter, motorcycle jackets, and leather trench coats are trending. You could also invest in a good leather blazer because of the versatility of the piece, which moves from office to after-hours seamlessly.


Oversize Cardigan Sweater

These duster-length cardigan sweaters are a big hit for the winter because they look amazing, and can be paired with jeans, leggings, or slacks. Try them with a basic layering tee and jeans, they’re roomy enough to wear with a few layers of tees. Pick an open-front style for a loose, flowing look. Choose a button-down for the office with slacks. They’re dressing up the usual layers, and you can wear them just about anywhere.


Neutral Color Long Sleeve Tees

These layering basics are great under blazers and sweaters, or just layer them up and throw on a jacket. Gray, black, brown, blue, and beige are a great start to your essential closet. Try a looser fit than you normally wear in a tee so you can wear several comfortably. They also pair nicely over camis and can be dressed up with accent jewelry and a blazer.


Two-Piece Sweater Dress

Two-Piece Sweater Dress

A two-piece sweater dress is an easy way to look like you really dressed up for the occasion. You can pair it with knee-high boots to dress it up to go out or pair it with ankle boots or loafers for the office. A wool two-piece sweater dress will not only keep you warm but make you look runway fresh as well. A great cable knit with a long skirt is perfect for office holiday gatherings, while a knit set with a short skirt and over-the-knee boots is perfect for a night out on the town. The two-piece sweater dress can be your go-to outfit for the winter.


Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings are everywhere for the winter season, and for good reason. They’re an elevated version of the comfortable classic leggings, and they give you tons of stretch while still looking polished enough for the office or a night out. Sleek, synthetic fabrics make these leggings easy to wear, easy to launder, and easy to love. They come in a variety of colors, but basic black is the look being spotted everywhere. They pair well with boots, can be worn under skirts and dresses, or wear them simply with a long-sleeved tee and a blazer.


Knee High/Over The Knee Boots

Outside of the warmth factor, knee high and over the knee boots instantly dress up whatever you have on. Over the knee boots are great for skirts and dresses, and knee-high boots make your favorite jeans look even better. Leather riding boots look classy with jeans and dresses. Or try some in suede, but be careful if you’re in the snow. You can use waterproof sprays to protect your over the knee boots for the winter. A good pair will look great all winter long. For extra pizazz, try a pair with buckles or front zippers.


Classic Dark Jeans

Winter is the time for dark denim. Dark denim has a slimming effect and makes your winter sweaters look fresh and vibrant. Try some high-rise skinny dark jeans with your favorite sweater, and pair with knee-high boots. Indigo blue is a deep and rich color that pairs fantastically with white sweaters, another of the fantastic looks this winter. Pair indigo skinny jeans with leather riding boots to really make a statement this winter.


Good Knit Watchcap

A beanie is a staple in the cold weather because cold ears are uncomfortable. Don’t scrimp on this necessity. Get a nice watch cap, heavy, but not so heavy it makes you sweat simply wearing it. Wool is a great choice for a beanie. It’s breathable and still keeps you warm. You should buy the most beanie you can afford, so if you can spring for wool, you should. They’re moisture-wicking, so even if you sweat, you won’t get cold and feel lousy in the weather.


Trecca Trousers

The wool blend, high-rise trecca trouser with side slash pockets is a new winter favorite. The cropped length stops just above the ankles, so they can be rocked with clogs, flats, or ankle boots. Because of the stylish look, you can wear them from the office to your favorite hangout, as any great staple should be able to do. They come in a slew of colors, but we like the standard camel color and black for the classic look.

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