Why Mumbai Police Bans Public Gatherings Till The 11th Of June?

Mumbai Police Ban Public Gatheringsvia

The Mumbai Police issued prohibitory orders on Monday as a result of potential disturbances to public peace, threats to public tranquility, and threats to human lives. These orders prohibit the unauthorized movement and gathering of five or more people in public places. According to the Mumbai Police, these orders will be in effect in the city till June 11th.

A preventive order was used to impose restrictions until June 11 as part of the normal preventive measures. Moreover, the Mumbai Police Department has expressed significant worry over potential threats to human life and property. These worries stem from information received from many sources.

Mumbai Police

This order was issued by Vishal Thakur, DCP Operations, Mumbai Police. Furthermore, it is as part of routine preventive measures that are enforced on a regular basis. Moreover, the order prohibits the movement and unlawful gathering of five or more people in public places.

Therefore, the newly issued orders will go into force on May 28, 2023, and will last until June 11, 2023.


Things Prohibited Till 11th June

  1. Any group gathering of five or more people in public places.
  2. Procession in public.
  3. The use of loudspeakers, amplifying equipment, musical bands, and fireworks.

Things That Are Not Prohibited

Mumbai Police Bans Public Gatherings
  1. Weddings and other matrimonial events.
  2. Funeral vigils are held.
  3. Processions at crematoriums or burial grounds.
  4. Statutory gatherings for corporations, clubs, and cooperative organizations.
  5. Meetings in or around cinemas and theatres.
  6. Assemblies at or near courts of law and office buildings.
  7. Meetings are held at or near educational institutions such as schools and colleges.
  8. Factory and retail assembly.

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