Who Was Luis Stitzinger? Missing German Climber Found Dead On The Himalayas

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According to expedition organizers, the body of German mountaineer Luis Stitzinger has been discovered on Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain. He was found Tuesday, after the 54-year-old went missing on May 25.


Luis Stitzinger Discovered Dead

Luis Stitzinger

The body of the climber was recovered at an altitude of more than 8,000 meters (26,247 feet), not far from the peak of 8,586 meters. Local sherpas first reported the discovery to media outlets, including The Himalayan Times. Khimlal Gautam, a Nepalese mountaineer and government official, later confirmed the news to the DPA news agency.

Before going missing, Luis Stitzinger, a well-known German mountaineer, had successfully reached the top of Kanchenjunga without using supplementary oxygen or the assistance of local guides. Before beginning his solo descent, he had chats with numerous other climbers at the summit.

According to Stitzinger’s personal website,, this was his first ascent of Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest peak. It crosses the boundary between India and Nepal in the Himalayas. Before this, he had accomplished significant exploits by climbing Mount Everest and Pakistan’s second-highest peak, K2.


About The Climber

Luis Stitzinger Death

Stitzinger, who grew up in the Bavarian Alps, worked as a mountain guide and expedition leader professionally. He was well-known for his excitement for “Big Mountain Skiing,” which involves descending a significant mountain or a portion of it quickly after climbing it on foot.

The circumstances behind Stitzinger’s death are unknown. However, according to sources reported by The Himalayan Times, he had expressed a wish to ski down if conditions permitted.

Despite the ambiguity, Stitzinger’s coworkers emphasized that he was a cautious and adept climber. In addition, Stitzinger was described as a likable and knowledgeable mountain expert by Michael Stange, a mountain guide at the Summit Club, the travel division of the German mountain climbers’ union, with whom he had worked for many years.

Alix von Melle, Stitzinger’s wife, is also a mountain climber. The couple went on some adventures jointly while going on others alone. They co-wrote a book in German called “A Passion for Life: Together on the highest mountains on Earth.” The book depicts their combined mountaineering experiences and passion.

Therefore, mountain climbing is a thrilling and challenging sport that has captured the hearts of many people. However, to handle the harsh terrain and unpredictable weather conditions found on the world’s highest summits, physical strength, mental resilience, and planning are required.

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