Who Was Colin Strebe? An 8-Year-Old Boy Died In Plane Crash At Brandt Quirk Park, Watertown

Colin Strebe Died Plane Crash

The Summit View School community is mourning the loss of Colin Strebe—an 8-year-old who died in a small plane crash with his unnamed grandfather. The occurrence occurred on June 14, 2023, and the town was crushed by this heartbreaking event.

Furthermore, in a letter, Summit View School Principal Garrett Sheskey expressed his heartfelt sympathies to the families affected by Colin Strebe’s untimely death. He acknowledged Colin’s sad death and extended his condolences to his loved ones and friends. The passing of this beloved student has severely grieved the school community.


Details Of The Flight Crash

Colin Strebe

The plane crashed in Brandt Quirk Park in Watertown, WI. It killed the 73-year-old pilot and 8-year-old Colin Strebe, who was a passenger on the plane. However, the actual cause of the crash is currently being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Board.

According to preliminary accounts, the plane had recently departed from the Municipal Airport. It is about 3 miles distant from the crash site. Moreover, the flight’s designated destination was Manitowish Waters. Authorities will rely on eyewitness reports and an investigation of the wreckage to understand the chain of events that led to the catastrophe.


Plane Crash In Brandt Quirk Park

Colin Strebe Plane Crash

Due to the ongoing investigations, the Watertown Police Department has decided to close Brandt Quirk Park for the purpose of site cleanup. Moreover, the closure is intended to aid the investigation and ensure that the area is properly addressed.

Furthermore, as they come to terms with the devastating loss of Colin Strebe and his grandfather, the community is severely affected and filled with shock. Moreover, their hearts are filled with grief as they remember Colin’s vivacious spirit and boundless promise.

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