Who Is Jackie La Bonita? Check Viral Video Of Astros Mean Girls Bullying Her

Jackie La Bonita TikTok Astros Mean Girls

Jackie La Bonita, a well-known social media personality and content creator, took to TikTok to expose two girls who bullied her at the Houston Astros game. The video soon went viral, with over 50 million views, and Jackie received support from millions of people.

Jackie La Bonita is a famous TikToker and content creator from Texas. She has over 248.6k fans and 12.4 million likes on her TikTok videos. On Instagram, she describes herself as “a comical Scorpio and a video creator.” Jackie’s content usually centers around makeup tutorials, shopping hauls, and hairstyle videos.


Jackie’s Bullying Drama; A Breakdown Of Events

Jackie La Bonita

At the game, Jackie La Bonita was taking pictures of herself while the two girls, just a few rows behind, were caught mocking and making fun of her. Jackie claims the incident crushed her self-esteem, and she wanted to cry.

The two girls, Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullet, came forward and uploaded a 12-minute apology video explaining their side of the story. In the video, they said that, according to them, photobombing is not bullying. However, they were annoyed because Jackie was continuously clicking pictures that were focused on them. The two girls also claim to have received threats on social media. Furthermore, in the end, they apologized to Jackie for making her feel self-conscious due to their actions.

‘Even though my feelings were hurt that night, there was no need for more hurt. Their families do not deserve hate. I do not condone the threats; I don’t condone the bullying; I don’t condone the harassment of them or anyone else.’ 


Social Media’s Reaction To Jackie La Bonita

Jackie La Bonita TikTok

Jackie La Bonita gained a lot of attention after revealing the two girls. Even after the girl’s apology video, fans continued to support Jackie and shower her with love. While the two girls still did not receive much support.

Some of the comments in Jackie’s recent video are:

  • “After being bullied for years, they only apologize because they got caught. So I’m glad you got your apology, especially in person. Hope they change.”
  • “You are so so beautiful. Those girls were definitely haters. and did the right thing. Karma has gotten them.”
  • “Thank you for exposing a problem that attacks as young as children all the way to grown adults. We need to do better.” 
  • “You’re a queen! Kill them with kindness always.”
  • “What did they apologize for? Because from their apology video, it seems like they want an apology from you.”

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