Who Is Ishita Kishore, UPSC 2022 Topper? The DU Alumnus Secure AIR 1

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SheWell, academic validation is one of the most gratifying validations any student could ever get. Many student work day and night to clear entrance exams and get their dream college/position. India, which has a sizable student population, is regarded as one of the most competitive nations with competition among students.

To overcome all the obstacles and get to the college or position you desire, you must work hard, lead a disciplined life, and concentrate on your goals. And believe us; it’s worthwhile.

Ishita Kishore, who ranked first in the UPSC 2022, is a model of persistence and perseverance. Learn more about her today.


UPSC 2022 Results

Who is Ishita Kishore

The Civil Services Examination 2022 final results were released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Tuesday. According to the results, Ishita Kishore earned first place, followed by Garima Lohia in second place, and Uma Harathi in third place. It’s noteworthy to note that this time, the top four contenders are all female.


Who Is Ishita Kishore?

Ishita Kishore

Ishita Kishore, an economics graduate from Delhi University’s esteemed Shri Ram College of Commerce, earned her diploma there. She entered the workforce after completing her education by joining Ernst & Young, where she worked in the risk advice division.

The UPSC topper has demonstrated exceptional athletics and enthusiastically participated in several sporting activities in addition to her academic and professional successes. She has also been a dedicated athlete. Ishita, a native of Greater Noida, attended the Air Force Bal Bharti School and the SRCC in Delhi.

Ishita passed the UPSC test on her third try. In addition, she passed the interview round for the first time, the third stage of qualifying for the UPSC test. She failed the UPSC prelims test in both of her first two attempts.


Ishita Kishore Speaks On Her Success

Ishita told Aajtak that she has been receiving a lot of phone calls now that she has passed the UPSC. When discussing her career’s accomplishments, Ishita emphasized that it was her third effort, that she had worked hard, and that it had been an extended journey.


Family Background

She comes from a family with a strong military tradition. Because Ishita’s father was an Indian Air Force officer, she grew up with a strong desire to serve her country.

Ishita believed that her heart was set on following a career in civil services after two years of professional experience at Ernst & Young, and her choice to turn her attention toward the UPSC examinations demonstrated her devotion to public service and ambition to make a difference.

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