Who Is Henri d’Ansleme? The Backpack Hero Who Chased Knifeman

Henri d’Ansleme Backpack

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, has stated that the three-year-old British child stabbed by a French playground knifeman on Thursday has undergone surgery and is now out of the hospital. Moreover, the ‘backpack hero’ Henri d’Ansleme, who challenged and drove away Abdelmasih Hanoun, 31, has credited his bravery and tenacity to his Catholic faith.


How Henri Saved The Attack

Henri d’Ansleme


Henri d’Ansleme, a 24-year-old philosophy and management student, told journalists that he was walking across France’s cathedrals when he came across a playground in Annecy. There, he observed a horrible scenario in which a man attacked children in a pram while their terrified mother tried to defend them.

D’Ansleme used one of his two backpacks to try to block the intruder. He chased the assailant onto the playground and threw one of his bags at him.

In acknowledgment of his brave acts, media sources promptly dubbed him ‘the backpack hero’ (le héros au sac à dos). Reflecting on the incident, d’Ansleme speculated that it was God’s will that he was present to intervene.

He told CNEWS, “All I know is I was not there by chance. On my journey to the cathedrals, I crossed paths with this man and acted instinctively. It was unthinkable to do nothing.” 

New information about the brutal attack on the young children has emerged, showing that the attacker had been noticed lurking around the playground daily for two months before the tragedy. This disturbing truth came to light as Abdelmasih Hanoun, a self-described Syrian-Christian, was arrested and accused with multiple counts of attempted murder.


Praise Received By Henri d’Ansleme

Who is Henri d’Ansleme

The heroic actions of the Backpack Hero, a 24-year-old man who faced the assailant fearlessly during the terrible knife attack on children in France, have received tremendous acclaim across the country.

Furthermore, President Macron visited the alpine town on Friday during these happenings. During his visit, he personally expressed his gratitude to Henri, the brave individual who intervened in the attack, by shaking his hand.

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