Who Is Foad Dabiri? Technical Head Of Twitter Resigns After Ron DeSantis Campaign Launch Glitch

Foad Dabiri Ron DeSantis

A senior engineering officer at Twitter recently announced his departure, barely one day after Ron DeSantis‘ US presidential campaign launched on the platform ran into technical difficulties. Foad Dabiri, the technical lead for Twitter’s Growth unit, announced his decision on Twitter. He explained that he had “decided to leave the nest” after almost four years at the firm. The beginning of Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign was marred by technical difficulties with a Twitter broadcast.


Foad Dabiri Departure From Twitter

Foad Dabiri

This incident comes after a string of layoffs at Twitter, with over 80% of staff laid off since Elon Musk purchased the company.

Dabiri praised the company’s revolutionary character, citing the contrasting periods he experienced prior to and during Elon Musk’s takeover last year. He described the shift to Twitter’s “2.0” as “massive and rapid,” emphasizing the difficulties encountered during the process.

While Dabiri did not give particular explanations for his leaving or specify whether it had to do with technical issues, he did express gratitude for working with Elon Musk. He acknowledged witnessing how Musk’s beliefs and vision impact the company’s future. When contacted by the BBC, neither Dabiri nor Twitter gave more remarks on his departure.


The Glitches That Occurred

The Twitter live stream issues delayed Ron DeSantis’ campaign introduction, leading a large number of Twitter users to exit the platform before the event commenced in earnest. Ron DeSantis is the governor of Florida and a probable Republican candidate for the general election in 2024. He is widely viewed inside his party as a major competitor to former President Donald Trump.

Despite the technical challenges, Ron DeSantis’ team responded quickly, blaming the outage on excessive enthusiasm. They stated that the online event had raised $1 million within one hour. Although the Twitter broadcast attracted over 600,000 listeners at the start, the number had dropped to less than 300,000 by the completion of the event.

During the broadcast, Ron DeSantis emphasized his conservative credentials and his strategy for dealing with the Covid-19 crisis in Florida.

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