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Who Is Ellerie Marie? What Happened With RiceGum’s Girlfriend Unborn Baby?

RiceGum Ellerie Marie

RiceGum, a celebrity YouTuber, uploaded a video on YouTube with the title, ‘Baby Girl.’ The footage showed the journey of RiceGum and his girlfriend through the pregnancy. It started with the time she found out till 34 weeks pregnant. However, by week 35, the baby did not make it.


Who Is Ellerie Marie?

Ellerie Marie

Ellerie Marie is a 22-year-old social media influencer. Born on 8th January 2002,  she was raised in San Diego by her mother, Irin Maries. And she did her college at the University of California.

She is famous for her TikTok and has approximately over 655,000 followers. On TikTok, she makes content mostly around dance videos and vlogs. Ellerie’s first TikTok went viral with over 4 million views. Ever since then, her career has only skyrocketed.

Ellerie is not only famous on TikTok but also on Instagram. She posts photos of herself and fashion trends on the platform. She has around 528,000 followers on Instagram to date.


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According to reports, Ellerie has a net worth of $1.5 million. She makes approximately $10K each month from her partnerships and brand sponsorships. Furthermore, she makes money from collaborations and Instagram postings.

RiceGum and Ellerie have been involved in a romantic relationship since 2020. The couple shares affectionate photos over on Instagram.


The Tragic News Of Their Baby


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RiceGum shared a beautiful video (titled ‘baby girl’) of the journey of the couple through pregnancy. It started when she found it and continued to show the growth of the baby bump. It covered various doctor appointments and showed the sonography of the baby. However, the video was only 34 weeks.

A note appears at the end of the video that reveals to us that the baby did not make it.

Ellerie was forced into labor and gave birth to a 35-week-old baby without a heartbeat. The YouTuber said,

“At 35 weeks pregnant, our world crashed down on us when we were told our baby no longer had a heartbeat. every genetic test, the blood test came back perfect, and the reason for this tragedy will forever be unknown. Ellerie had to be induced for labor for 48 hours.”

He also added,

“She gave birth to the most perfect angel. the cutest baby girl with soft, chubby cheeks and a tiny button nose. She looked perfect, just like she was sleeping. only a few more weeks, and she would’ve been here with us.”

The fans were shocked and filled with dismay. One can only imagine how difficult this time must be for the couple.

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