Who Is Deepak Sharma? Bodybuilder And Tihar Jailer Duped For Rs. 50 Lakhs; How And Why

Deepak Sharma Jailer

Deepak Sharma is a famous bodybuilder and a jailer in the Tihar jail in Delhi. Recently, he had been duped for Rs. 50 Lakh in an alleged fraud. This incident took place when a woman and her husband approached Sharma. Further, he was approached to invest in the couple’s health product brand. Sharma was asked to become the brand ambassador for the company. Continue reading to know more about the fraud.


How Was Deepak Sharma Booked?


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Deepak Sharma is an assistant superintendent at Delhi’s Tihar Jail. Further, he’s a renowned bodybuilder. Moreover, Deepak Sharma claimed that the woman, Rounak Gulia, introduced him to her husband, Ankit Gulia. He’s a known entrepreneur in the health product sector. However, the woman was a reality TV star, and her husband was a bodybuilder.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), the couple convinced Sharma to invest Rs 50 lakh in their supplement product venture. But they used the money for their personal expenses. The police are currently investigating the matter. Furthermore, they have launched a search for the couple.


The Authorities’ Statements

Jailer Deepak Sharma

The incident has been widely reported in Indian news outlets. Reportedly, the couple is now absconding. Furthermore, police are investigating the matter. No further details are to be found at this time. Sharma filed his complaint against the couple. The case was registered as a cheating case at the Madhu Vihar Police Station in East of Delhi.

Deepak Sharma himself is a resident of New Delhi. He resides in the West Vinod Nagar in New Delhi. A police officer like Deepak fell prey to such scams. This shows how lucrative and fancy offers can turn out to be sensitive and dangerous for common people.

In conclusion, people in service can also be fooled and scammed for such a considerable amount. One should always be careful and do complete research before investing in such companies. As funny as the incident sounds, one should always take necessary precautions before investing. This serves as an essential reminder of the scams taking place. What do you think about the scam? Should the scammers be behind the bars? Do you think it was the police officer’s fault? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We’re waiting for your response. Stay tuned for further updates.

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