Who Is Dave Moretti? Check Devin Haney Vs Vasyl Lomachenko Judge Result Cards Went Viral

Devin Haney Vs Vasyl Lomachenko Resultvia

Authorities like Dave Moretti are in place to guarantee that there are no discrepancies in a game or event. But what if the authorities are corrupted as well? The goal of establishing a bench of officials gets completely defeated.

Isn’t it the role of a judge to make unbiased decisions and reveal who performed well in the end? Were we misled about the judges, or are today’s judges corrupt? Because on Saturday, a judge for Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko was mocked for his biased ruling.


What Actually Happened?

Dave Moretti Check Devin Vs Vasyl Lomachenko

On Saturday, Dave Moretti, a judge for Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko, was ridiculed when an apparent result card image revealed that he may have made biased decisions.

Haney won the lightweight fight unanimously.

Following the fight, some social media users claimed that the officials filled out the result cards at the last possible moment. They went on to say that the pick was skewed. The judge had been trolled.

Tim Cheatham and David Sutherland won 115-113, and Dave Moretti won 116-112.


Social Media Talk About Dave Moretti

Devin Vs Vasyl Lomachenko result card

“Dave Moretti should be sent to pasture for giving Haney the tenth round.” “Sick,” one Twitter user commented.

“Dave Moretti scored rounds 7, 8, 9, AND 10 in favor of Devin Haney. Round 10 was VERY CLEARLY Vasiliy Lomachenko’s. Loma was convincing in Round 3, too Tim Cheatham gave it to Haney. Amazing fight; I disagree with these specific round scores tho,” someone tweeted.

“Dave Moretti is high. In rounds 6-12, all the momentum was on Loma, and I only gave Haney one round in the final 6. Moretti only gave Loma one round. But don’t be confused; all 3 of those cards are absolute travesties. All 3 judges smoked from the same crack pipe,” another continued.


Loma’s Manager Raised An Objection Against Dave Moretti

Egis Klimas, the manager of Loma, stated that they objected to Dave Moretti’s nomination as the fight’s judge, but the NSAC stated that he is one of their finest. An alleged image of the outcome cards went viral:


Haney’s Stance On Loma

Devin Vs Vasyl Lomachenko fight

Devin Haney retained his championships at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas with a victory against Loma.

“Lomachenko is a future Hall of Famer,” remarked Haney. “It was a blessing. He was very crafty and my toughest opponent. He turns it up in the championship rounds. (This fight) put me in the history books forever.”

Do you think the judge did right? How will Dave Moretti compensate?  Let us know what you think!

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