Who Is Bhavesh Bhatia? A Visually Impaired Candle Seller Who Is Now Owner Of 350 Crore Business Empire

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 The achievement of Bhavesh Bhatia is a true inspiration and a monument to the strength of drive, tenacity, and creativity. Bhavesh, who was in a small town, has always been interested in technology and business. He embarked on a quest that would eventually lead him to amazing accomplishments with a firm belief in his skills. Keep reading to learn more about his journey from a poor candle seller to the owner of a 350-crore business empire.

Bhavesh Bhatia had a sighted childhood to start his remarkable path. At the age of 23, he was presented with a challenge that would change the course of his life when he lost his vision as a result of an internal eye condition. Despite this setback, he worked as a hotel manager and was committed to funding his mother’s illness treatment. Sadly, he was bullied in school and called harsh nicknames like “Blind Boy.”


The Beginning

Bhavesh Bhatia

Bhavesh made a revolutionary decision in 1999. He decided to participate in training at the National Association for the Blind in Mumbai. He picked up the craft of creating simple candles there and laboriously made candles each night. Later he meticulously sold them from a cart at a neighborhood market in Mahabaleshwar. Bhavesh carefully saved Rs 25 daily to buy the raw materials needed for the following day’s production while renting the cart for Rs 50 daily.

Despite his enthusiasm and ambition, Bhavesh encountered several difficulties, particularly while applying for loans, because of his visual handicap. His circumstances altered, though, when he was granted a Rs 15,000 loan from Satara Bank. It was a bank that helped blind people in particular. He spent only fifty rupees with his newfound wealth to get a hand cart, two colors, and fifteen kilos of wax. This was the start of an amazing adventure for Sunrise Candles, which helped him grow his company into a multi-billion dollar success.


Sunrise Candles By Bhavesh Bhatia

Who is Bhavesh Bhatia

Bhavesh’s business, Sunrise Candles, has now reached astounding heights from scrounging to obtain raw materials. They make an astonishing array of 9000 designs, including plain, flavored, and therapeutic candles, using a remarkable 25 tonnes of wax per day.

Today, Bhavesh’s business employs over a thousand people, many of whom are blind. His influence on other people’s lives is quite extraordinary. Via his initiatives, more than 10,000 visually impaired and disabled people have obtained training in job and self-employment.

Bhavesh Bhatia’s perseverance and dedication, with an annual revenue of over Rs 350 crores, have not only changed his life but also profoundly influenced the lives of countless others in the society of the blind. His life serves as a light of inspiration and hope. It demonstrates that tenacity and resiliency can help us overcome even the most significant obstacles life presents us with.

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