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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a felony charge that may fall under federal or state law. Being arrested on drug-related charges can be devastating and frightening for any first-time offender. It’s important to note that the blood alcohol content should be at least 0.08 percent in most states. However, different factors can contribute to a difference in alcohol content, such as sex and body weight.

When facing these charges, you should contact a defense lawyer to help you beat a felony drug charge. Having a qualified attorney can help you maneuver through the charge to ensure you get acquitted and set free. Let us discuss what measures one should take after an arrest over DUI.


What Measures Should You Take When Charged With DUI?


Write Down Everything

When facing a DUI arrest, it’s critical to document everything that transpired. Once you are arrested, make a list of everything that happens. By writing down all of the facts, you will be able to recollect even the most minor details, which may increase your chances of winning or having your criminal case dismissed.

This information should include the time you were pulled over, the place, tests administered during the arrest, prior conversations with the officers before your arrest, and even any unusual elements during the arrest. This information may be crucial to your attorney as they will get a good idea of what direction to take the case.


Contact A DUI Lawyer

DUI charges carry significant repercussions such as jail time, payment of hefty fines, license suspension, and even extended community service. After an arrest over a DUI charge, it’s usually a race against time to collect the necessary information to acquit you from the charges you are facing. Hiring a lawyer to represent you could be the difference between you walking free or facing jail time.

DUI laws are intricate and demand a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system; your lawyer will assist you in obtaining a successful outcome in your defense. They’ll assess the facts of your case, gather the required evidence, prepare the paperwork, and devise the best defense strategy to get you out of legal trouble.


Find Eyewitnesses

You might be able to identify witnesses who can help you prove your innocence against your DUI charge. There’s a good probability you were with some of your friends or colleagues in a bar, restaurant, or at a friend’s house when you were detained and charged with this serious criminal offense.

In such circumstances, you should think about asking them whether they’d be willing to testify on your behalf. In general, reliable witness testimony can aid in improving your DUI defense. As a result, the more witnesses you collect, the more likely you will win the trial and regain your freedom and life.


Attend All Court Dates

You should aim to create a favorable impression on the judge and jury to increase your chances of winning your DUI trial. As a result, do not miss any court dates to demonstrate that you are taking the allegations seriously.

Furthermore, make sure you’ve dressed appropriately for all court appearances. In the courtroom, avoid wearing baggy clothes and exposing too much skin. Also, try to calm yourself appropriately by remaining polite, not acting angry, and refraining from engaging in improper behavior. You may be able to persuade the judge or jury that you are not a DUI offender in these ways.


Hire An Experienced DUI Lawyer

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When selecting your DUI lawyer to represent you go for one that deals with DUI offenses, not a general lawyer, as they are well informed about these cases and have significant experience dealing with them.

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