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Sports betting is a big topic of discussion among fans as they look to make money simply by watching sports. It seems like it is changing weekly at this point, but there are 17 states where it is legal to bet on sports online.

Sports betting is legal in 16 other states where you can bet either through the state lottery or a retail location, such as a casino. Sports betting news changes every day as more states are legalizing sports betting.

Ohio was the last state to have sports betting become legal as the governor signed it into law on December 22nd. Even though it is officially legal, you cannot place a bet quite yet in the state.

The Ohio Casino Commission will need to set its rules and regulations surrounding sports betting, so many pundits think that the first legal bet will not come until mid-2022.

Even though Ohio was the last state to legalize sports betting, it certainly will not be the last. There are rumors that Florida and New York could legalize online sports betting before the NFL Playoffs kick-off. Sports betting is evolving every day, and we have not quite seen what it will eventually become.


Could Florida And New York Be Next?

Florida Miami

In Florida, gambling is legal, but you can only do it in person at tribe casinos. Draftkings and Fanduel are petitioning to legalize sports betting online, and it could be voted on as early as November 2022. The tribes had put together an app, but it was only available for about a month before lawsuits ended it.

If it does end up getting voted on in late 2022, you could see online sports become legal in Florida as early as early-2023. Lawmakers and experts project a legalized sports betting bill to be close to a multibillion-dollar business.

New York is on a much quicker projected path with a timeline of being legal to bet online in mid-January, just in time for the NFL playoffs. It has been permitted to bet on sports in a brick-and-mortar location since 2019, but they are just looking to clear the last hurdles to bet online.

If New York can bet online in time for the NFL playoffs, that could mean a big payday. The original timeline was set for sometime in 2021 but got pushed back until the first week of February.

However, the New York senator recently said that New York citizens should expect online sports betting to be legal by the second or third week of January.

New York is a prime spot for online sports betting as there are many people and sports are rooted in the New York culture. It would be a big win all around if New York could legalize their betting in January.

As soon as betting is legalized online in these two states, they will have multiple options to bet on and will not have to worry about going into a brick-and-mortar store to bet.


Online Sports Betting Benefits Everyone

Online Sports Betting

The biggest advantage of online sports betting is the tax revenue that it brings in. That tax benefits the entire state, and both of these states will be sure to put that money to good use.

It will only be a matter of time until more states follow suit as they realize the benefits of having an online betting platform. It benefits all involved and not just the persons placing the bets.

Less than half the country has accessible sports betting options, and in the new wave of technology, online sports betting will become even more prominent.

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