What Is ‘Digital Arrest’? MHA Issues Advisory To Reduce Cyber Scam; DoT Asks To Ignore Fake Calls

Digital Arrest Cyber Scam

Cybercriminals have planned a scandalous new trick called ‘Digital Arrest’ that is spreading across the country. The Union Home Ministry has sounded the alarm, and the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) is encouraging everybody to remain alert. This is the thing you want to be aware of to try not to succumb to this smart stunt.


What Is ‘Digital Arrest’?

AI Voice scams

In this most recent scam, con artists act like cops and authorities from offices like the CBI, ED, or even the RBI. They blame their victims for accepting that they’ve taken part in a serious crime. The twist? The alleged officials guarantee the victims are under a ‘Digital Arrest.’


How It Works

These cybercriminals play on fear and urgency. They persuade victims they’ll be prosecuted until and unless they give up a hefty amount of cash. A few victims have been fooled into self-isolating or staying at home, accepting they can’t leave until they settle up.


Ministry’s Alert For Digital Arrest Scam

Scammers Mimic AI Voice

The Home Ministry’s Cyber Wing, I4C, has acted quickly. They’ve blocked over 1,000 Skype IDs and are working at removing many SIM cards connected to the scam. With numerous complaints piling up on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, I4C is collaborating with different organizations, including the RBI, to shut down these scammers.


Tech-Savvy Scammers

Utilizing AI, these criminals copy the voices of friends and family to convey their threats more persuading. It’s a chilling reminder to constantly check who’s on the opposite end of the call.


What You Can Do To Avoid Digital Arrest

AI Driven Voice scams

The MHA has set up a helpline (1930) for reporting these scams. The DoT likewise advises not to engage in doubtful calls, particularly those taking steps to get your number or claiming criminal or illegal activities.


Stay Safe

Be careful about calls from new numbers, particularly those with unfamiliar initial numbers like +92. Regularly double-check the personality of anybody claiming to be an authority. So remain aware and spread the news to protect yourself as well as other people from this developing digital scam. Therefore remain watchful, remain safe, and don’t allow these Digital criminals to get the better of you.

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