What Happened Between KSI And Andrew Tate? Fight Over Respect Claim

KSI And Andrew Tate Fight Respect

KSI and Andrew Tate have been in the spotlight recently as the former gets into a fight with Tate. However, Andrew Tate has already expressed his admiration for KSI. Unfortunately, KSI does not appear to be responding in the same way. This has resulted in both internet personas now being pitted against each other.

Please continue reading to learn more about KSI’s disagreements with Andrew Tate, despite the latter’s claim that he respects KSI.


Andrew Tate States He Respects KSI

KSI vs Andrew Tate Fight

Andrew Tate is a controversial figure who has recently received a lot of media buzz due to his incarceration and subsequent release. Tate may have received flak on social media for his frequent statements. A controversial influencer recently remarked on KSI.

Tate’s admirers have recently sent him questions on social media. One of the fans then asked Tate if he disliked prominent influencer KSI. Tate responded by saying that he respects KSI.

“Truthfully, I respect any man who steps into the ring,” he tweeted.


There’s Response To Tate After The Former States He Appreciates KSI

KSI vs Andrew Tate

KSI has been treated with respect by Andrew Tate after a Twitter user inquired about him. However, KSI appears to have a hate for Andrew Tate. Following the recent KSI criticism about Tate. Tate was then retaliated against by KSI.

KSI went on to upload a meme with a message mocking Tate. Since then, KSI’s message has gone viral, even receiving a response from Tate. One of the users went on to mention KSI’s answer.


Andrew Tate Responds To KSI’s Statement

KSI And Andrew Tate fight update

Following KSI’s retaliation against Tate, one Twitter user remarked to Tate, “This is the difference between you and him. You show respect, and he will still be childish and act like he’s better than everyone”. In answer, Tate stated, “Yes. He’s proved himself a clown”.

Furthermore, supporters were taken aback when Yinka Olatunji, KSI’s mother, tweeted her support for Tate in May. Though it is evident that KSI has no fondness for the controversial influencer Andrew Tate. That was clear from his latest social media post about him.

What are your thoughts on their conflict about respect? Who are you rooting for? Tell us in the comments.

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