Weird Things Ancient People Did That Would Be Totally Gruesome

Weird Things Ancientvia

Today we are living with lot many facilities that made our lives easier.

Don’t believe?

Then you will definitely appreciate after reading these practices by ancient people that western countries followed.

Some practices of the ancients were too bizarre even for our modern standards. Here are the weird things that ancient people practiced which are totally gruesome even to imagine.


1. They Used Animal Poop In Medical Treatments


Women in ancient Greece used crocodile dung as a powerful contraceptive and inserted it into their vagina. In ancient Egypt, warriors applied animal dung to their wounds. In Scotland, sheep droppings were used to treat smallpox. Fresh pig dung served to stop a nosebleed. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Do not try any of these at home.


2. They Drilled Holes In People’s Heads To Cure Mental Disability


Doctors believed they could cure illnesses such as convulsions, headaches, and infections by Trepanation (drilling holes). Many people who suffered from mental disabilities or any disorder pertaining to the brain were often sent to doctors in medieval times to have “bad spirits” extracted from their brain. They would drill a hole into your skull and release the spirits.

Thorough research of some unearthed skulls showed that some patients even managed to survive after these extreme methods of treatment. Luckily, this practice was almost completely abandoned.


3. They Used Harmful Chemicals To Dye Their Hair


Most of the parents dye their hair to look young along with their sons and daughters. However, people have been coloring their hair since ancient times. But the lack of knowledge in chemistry and incorrect use of the wrong substances sometimes ended badly for their health. The Greeks and Romans used a permanent hair dye that consisted of different chemicals including sulfur.

The Italians liked to soak their long hair in corrosive solutions of lye to get a golden color for their locks. Many European ladies used saffron and sulfur powder to achieve great looks. Afghans believed that hair dyeing with different colors could cure a headache.

Fortunately, now we don’t have to risk lead poisoning to have a nice hairdo.


4. Glass Balls And Ground Rubber Were Used For Chest Augmentation


Be it an ancient time or in the modern era, most of the women use different means to improve their beauty. Some women put tropical treatments or homemade “growth creams” on their breasts to make them bigger. Others massaged coconut oil into their skin.

The first chest augmentation surgery was performed in 1895 by a doctor named Vincenz Czerny. Doctors used different materials like ivory, glass balls, ground rubber, and other fillers to enlarge women’s breasts.


5. Roman Fathers Could Kill Their Daughter’s Lovers Legally


Only parents have the right to choose the partner. Unfortunately these days, parents are given less importance in many matters. However, those times were different in Rome.

The rules were very strict, and a daughter had no right to have an intimate affair with anyone before her marriage. Women were not allowed to have relations outside of marriage, and even after they married, Roman women were always still bound to their father’s family.

A father had the legal right to kill his daughter’s lover (and even her) if he caught them committing adultery. Any infidelity or acts that may cause a bad name for their house would legally allow the father to kill his daughter’s lover. Talk about a murderous and weird historical practice.

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