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Weird Facts

Ready to be amused with a few facts which are weird enough to give you the dose of weirdness for today? Well, read on then!

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1. American Secret services during the World War II tried to slip female hormones into Hitler’s food to feminize him.


We all know Hitler already lost one of his Testicles in an injury. (Well, now you know!) However, it still didn’t stop America from its endeavors to feminize Hitler. The real question here is – Why?


2. Nearly two percent of the icebergs in the Antarctic Glaciers is made up of Penguin Pee!

Penguin Pee

Science has a lot of statistics to offer but stats about Penguins Pee being frozen into icebergs drew our attention the most. Penguins must feel quite accomplished right now.


3. Sloths sometimes grab their own hands while falling or climbing instead of grabbing the branches of the tree thereby falling to their deaths.


This is one weird way to die. I feel bad for laughing. Hope I don’t go to hell for this. But I have to say this, Sloths should seriously take this issue in their hands. Pun. Pun. Pun.

4. George Washington grew Pot in his garden.

George Washington

Well, well, well. Smoking it is pretty badass. But Washington grew his own pot in his garden! Probably was fed up with the fake pot being sold and had to take things into his own hands.


5. Computer Keyboards can carry 200 times more Bacteria than a toilet seat!

Computer Keyboards

*Adds disposable gloves to cart list* Next time you go over to your friend’s place or Cyber Café, make sure you carry some protection! I’ll never be able to see my keyboard the way I used to after this.


6. The Pentagon actually has a plan for combating and taking measures for survival in case of a zombie apocalypse.


A Zombie apocalypse would be devastating yet it is a dream hidden in the darkest corner of every gamer and sci-fi lover! Scientists actually found a parasite which does affect the brain in a “Zombie-ic mannerism” however, it only affects the bugs and not humans.


7. An average person’s fast food intake would also contain around 12 pubic hairs yearly.



Probably hating me for this right now but you’re the one who is in for some weird facts. Pfft, this would still not stop me from munching there and I do know that it won’t stop you too. I feel you mate.


8. Every human being starts out as an asshole!


Hold! Don’t get offended yet. Scientifically, every human being starts out as an asshole. It is the first part of the body to be formed in the womb. The deal here is, some just stay that way.


9. The US Pentagon actually funds movies that portrays military in a positive manner.


Great way to make people realize what the military goes through for the people. I can sense happy young directors packing their bags right now. Good luck fellas!


10. Billy goats urinate on their own heads!


Billy Goats urinate on their own heads to smell attractive to the females. Oh, the things a male has to do to draw a female’s attention! But what really concerns me is how do they do it? #IlluminatiConfirmed


11. North Korea holds an election every 5 years in which the ballots list only one candidate.

North Korea

An article with weird facts would be incomplete without a fact about North Korean system of governing. I am now imaging the look on the people’s face who stood in a long que and waited to vote and found themselves pressing a single button without a choice!

12. A group of crows is called murder!


A group of crows were termed as a murder till and around the 15th century. I can already see me doing the following:

 Whisper “I just a murder around the corner”, to my friends when I see a group of crows.

Walk up to a crow and say, “Can I be a part of the murder?” or ask “Are you involved in the murder?”

Silly me. Well, that’s 12 Weird Facts for you today!


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