Watch Video: Southwest Airline’s Boeing Jet Engine Cover Falls Off, Strikes Wing Flap During Takeoff

Shocking Incident: Boeing Jet's Engine Cover Mishap Caught on Camera

Southwest Airline Boeing Jet Engine Cover Falls Off

In a heart-halting moment captured on video, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 faced a startling and terrible setback during departure from Denver International Airport. Let’s read more to learn about the intricacies of this flight, which was then ordered to return to the departing airport. The viral incident, which has since turned into a Viral Video via social media channels, involved the engine cover detaching and striking the wing flap, driving an emergency return to the air terminal.


The Hair-Raising Incident Of Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Airlines Flight 3695 was destined for Houston when the surprising incident happened. Passengers on board caught the disturbing scene as the engine cowling came out mid-flight, provoking the pilot to make a decision quickly. Continue reading to know about the further investigations taking place for Southwest Airlines.


Security First: Emergency Landing

Notwithstanding the alarming situation, the talented pilot dealt with a safe return to Denver International Airport. The airplane landed without any additional problems, and travelers were rebooked on a different flight to their final destination.


Southwest Airlines Reaction

Southwest Airlines gave a statement communicating grief for the interruption; however, they stuck to their obligation to passengers’ safety regardless of anything else. The airline’s maintenance team immediately started an intensive investigation of the impacted aircraft.


Ongoing Investigation By FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched an investigation into the incident. This comes at a difficult time for Boeing, as another new engine-related issue involving an alternate flight leaving from Texas was accounted for.


Not Connected To 737 Max Or Southwest Airlines

It’s essential to take note that these incidents don’t include the troubled 737 Max model, which has earned critical consideration because of past security concerns. All things being equal, the attention is more on older variants of the 737-800 series. Thus, the viral video of the engine cover detaching mid-flight has sent shockwaves across social media networks. Therefore, this brings up issues about airplane security and safety concerns. As the investigation proceeds, both Southwest Airlines and the FAA are focused on guaranteeing the best level of security in air travel. Also, this incident is a distinct sign of the intricacies and difficulties faced in flight. Thus highlighting the significance of proactive security measures in the business.

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