Watch Video: Man And Woman Fight Over A Seat In Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro Video Fight

A video of a man and a woman getting into a physical altercation over a seat on the Delhi Metro has gone viral on social media. The video shows both passengers hurling abuses at each other and the argument escalating into a physical fight. This is not the first such incident on the Delhi Metro, as several reports of fights broke out between passengers over seats in recent months. Continue reading to learn more about the fighting incident in the Delhi Metro.


The Viral Delhi Metro Video

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The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has urged passengers to maintain decorum and avoid such altercations and has also increased security measures to prevent such incidents from occurring. The incident highlights the need for better etiquette and behavior on public transportation and for authorities to take steps to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many users calling for stricter enforcement of rules and regulations on the Delhi Metro. Some have also called for better education and awareness campaigns to promote better behavior among passengers. Moreover, the clip was shared on X by a page named @gharkalesh with a caption. The caption read, “Kalesh b/w a Guy and a lady inside Delhi metro over seat issues.”

Since then, the video has gathered over one lakh views.

A video of a man and a woman is going viral. In the video, both passengers indulge in a heated argument. They were hurling abuses at each other over a seat. After a few moments, another woman joins the conversation, taking the woman’s side. However, the man is seen advising the women to sit in the women’s special coach as it is empty. But, the women continued to argue. Moreover, many passengers can be seen trying to stop the brawl. The incident caused a lot of tension in the metro.


Was The Quarrel Necessary?

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The Delhi Metro is one of the city’s busiest and most popular modes of transportation, with millions of passengers using it daily. Passengers need to respect each other’s space and maintain decorum to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for everyone.

In conclusion, incidents like these highlight the need for better behavior and etiquette on public transportation and for authorities to take measures to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Passengers need to be aware of their surroundings and respect each other’s space to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable journey for everyone. What do you think about the topic discussed above? Should there be rules and regulations for people in Delhi Metro? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay tuned for updates.

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