Watch: Ravichandran Ashwin’s Heartwarming Support For Rishabh Pant Ahead Of DC vs RR Match At IPL 2024

Ashwin's Heartwarming Cheer for Rishabh Pant Ahead of RR-DC Showdown

Ravichandran Ashwin Rishabh Pant

As the IPL 2024 fever escalates, a close to heart scene was witnessed in Jaipur during a practice session between two Indian cricket sensations, Rishabh Pant and Ravichandran Ashwin. With the Rajasthan Royals clashing with the Delhi Capitals, expectation runs high for their upcoming clash.


A Boost Of Confidence

Rishabh Pant

During the training, Ashwin was behind Pant’s practice net, offering inspirational statements that lighted Pant’s spirit for the match. Rishabh Pant, who lately made a victorious re-entry to cricket after a nerve-racking accident in December 2022, wasted no time in displaying his ability as he sent the ball up into the skies.

The encouraging assertions and the comments made to lift confidence levels can’t be ignored. Check the tweet made by Rajasthan Royals tweeting, ” All these years, Pant had Ash’s back. And today, it was about time… #RoyalsFamily | #IPL2024 | #RRvDC | #reelkarofeelkaro | #reelitfeelit | #explore,”. This tweet stood out for the cricket fans as well as exemplified the sportsmanship of their cricket journey. Therefore, lifting their confidence and feeling of togetherness, they offer each other on and off the cricket field.


Rishabh Pant And Ravichandran Ashwin Bond

Ashwin Dream 11

For most of the time in the cricket journey before, it’s always been Rishabh Pant who is seen empowering R Ashwin from behind the stumps and practice net with his motivational lines and cheer of “Come on, Ash!”. However, this time, the tables have turned, and the role has been reversed. R Ashwin, who presently played the role of a team cheerleader, stayed behind the stumps and motivated Rishabh Pant instead. Consequently reassuring Rishabh Pant to play his unique sixes with full energy in the match.


The Rebound And Comeback Match

Rishabh Pant’s rebound and comeback in cricket journey saw him causing waves and huge interest along with colossal excitement in the crowd with his comeback match against Punjab Kings. In that particular match, he scored 18 runs off 13 balls, including two boundaries. Likewise with the Jaipur crowd anxiously expecting his next match, Rishabh Pant is all set and prepared to surprise the crowd with his amazing cricket abilities and capacities. As the IPL unfolds, the reassuring partnership between Rishabh Pant and Ravichandran Ashwin fills in as an indication of the solid bonds made on the cricket field. With R Ashwin’s motivational cheer echoing in the air. Rishabh Pant stands ready to show his enchantment. Thus promising a thrilling match between the Rajasthan Royals and the Delhi Capitals. So remain tuned to know more updates on the IPL 2024 and the teams for it.

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