Watch: People Lined Up Outside Apple Stores In BKC And Saket For 17 Hours To Buy iPhone 15

iphone 15 Waiting Queue Saket BKC

Apple’s much-awaited iPhone 15 smartphone series is now formally offered for sale in India and several other nations, starting today. These advanced smartphones were first introduced on September 12 at Apple’s Wonderlust event, and pre-orders for them began on September 15. Continue reading to know how a long queue of people lined up outside Apple stores in BKC and Saket for 17 hours.


People Lined Up For Hours Just To Get The New Launch Of Apple

Today at 8:00 AM, Apple officially opened up sales of the new iPhones to the public. And much like in the past, customers have been waiting in line for hours outside Apple stores to be the first to get the newest iPhone 15.

While lines have been forming outside the Saket Apple Store since 4 AM today, Apple enthusiasts in Mumbai have been waiting longer. One ardent Apple supporter informed that he had been waiting in up since 3:00 PM on September 21, the day before the smartphone would go on sale, in an effort to be the first person to purchase the new launch. Others have been waiting outside Apple’s main shop in Mumbai for more than 17 hours.

It was a wonderful experience, according to Rahul, who was the first client at the Apple Store in Saket’s Select Citywalk Mall today. ” I was in the queue since 4 AM and then purchased the phone. I have always had top phones, like an iPhone 13 Pro Max and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. After the 15 series was announced, I wanted to get the iPhone 15 Pro Max – that too before everyone else.”


About iPhone 15

Apple’s iPhone 15 Launch

According to Kuo, more buyers may be favoring the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year as demand for the iPhone 15 Pro model seems to be relatively muted compared to that of its predecessor. The iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the four versions of the most recent new launch lineup.

The iPhone 15, the most cost-effective of these four new phones, is available in India for a starting price of 79,900 for the 128GB version, 89,900 for the 256GB storage option, and 1,09,900 for the 512GB storage model. The 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB versions of the iPhone 15 Plus are available for purchase for 89,900, 99,900, and 1,19,900 respectively.

The higher-end iPhone 15 Pro versions are priced differently as they move up the scale. The 128GB storage variation costs ₹1,34,900, the 256GB storage variant costs ₹1,44,900, the 512GB storage variant costs ₹1,64,900, and the 1TB storage variant costs ₹1,84,900. The most expensive 15 Pro Max model costs ₹1,59,900 for the 256GB model, ₹1,79,900 for the 512GB model, and ₹1,99,900 for the 1TB model.

How do you feel about the new launch? Will you buy it? Tell us your views in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned for more updates.

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