Watch: An Inspirational Journey Of Amir Hussain Lone, Jammu And Kashmir’s Para Cricket Captain

Amir Hussain Lone Inspirational Journey

Cricket is a religion in India. Every day, we hear many stories about cricketers and their struggles that inspire us all. Today, we brought you one such story that even inspired the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. It is the story of 34-year-old Amir Hussain Lone, who lost both his arms in an accident. It happened when he was 8 years old and working at his father’s mill. Everyone might be inspired by Jammu and Kashmir para cricket captain Amir Hussain Lone, a bowler who uses his foot to bowl and his shoulder and neck to bat.


Amir Hussain: The Unwavering Determination

Amir Hussain Lone

Amir Hussain hails from Waghama village in Bijbehara. Working at his father’s mill, eight-year-old Amir Hussain Lone in Kashmir lost both of his arms. A differently-abled cricketer, Amir has a unique style of playing and began his journey in professional cricket in 2013. Nevertheless, he never gave up and continued improving his cricketing abilities. Eventually, a teacher saw his potential and introduced him to professional sports.

Amir told ANI,

“I worked hard and didn’t give up after the accident. I am independent and capable of handling everything on my own. Following my accident, nobody assisted me. My family was always there for me, even when not even the government did.”


Amir Expresses His Gratefulness

Amir Hussain Lone Story

Amir is an expert at the unusual technique of holding the bat between the neck and shoulder while batting and bowling with his leg. He told,

“My game has received praise from everyone, and I believe that God is the reason for my success because, although bowling with the legs is a challenging sport, I have mastered all the necessary skills and methods. I accomplish every task on my own, and I am not dependent on anyone except God.”

Since 2013, Amir has participated in para cricket and is the captain of the Jammu and Kashmir para team. He added,

“I participated in an international match against Bangladesh in 2018 and played for my country in Delhi in 2013.” I went on to play cricket in Nepal, Dubai, and Sharjah after that. When I started bowling and batting with my neck and shoulder instead of my legs, everyone was taken aback. Regarding his career, he remarked, “I thank God for giving me the strength to play cricket.”


A Movie To Be Made On Amir Hussain

Jammu And Kashmir's Amir Hussain Lone

Amir claimed that Pickle Entertainment had produced a movie specifically for him. He added,

“I have a movie being made by Pickle Entertainment, and the release date will be revealed soon. Vicky Kaushal was present when I went to a show, and they were impressed by my journey as well and announced that they would be making a movie about me.”

Para Cricket Captain Amir Hussain Lone

According to Amir Hussain Lone, his team and personal favorites are Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. “Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are our favorite players, and if God wishes, we will meet them soon,” he said. His story touched Sachin Tendulkar, who wrote on X,

And Amir has made the impossible possible. I am so touched watching this! Shows how much love and dedication he has for the game.

Hope I get to meet him one day and get a jersey with his name. Well done for inspiring millions who are passionate about playing the sport.

What do you think of Amir Hussain’s journey? Make sure to share your opinions with us in the comments down below. We await your response!

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