Watch: Dil Jashn Bole, ICC World Cup 2023 Official Anthem Featuring Ranveer Singh Is Out

Ranveer Singh Unveils ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Anthem 'Dil Jashn Bole'"

Dil Jashn Bole

In an electrifying collaboration that promises to set the stage on fire, Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh has taken the lead in unveiling the official anthem for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. The anthem, titled ‘Dil Jashn Bole,’ is a musical masterpiece crafted by the renowned Bollywood composer Pritam.


An Epic Journey Through India

Ranveer Singh Dil Jashn Bole

‘Dil Jashn Bole’ invites fans on an epic journey through the heart of India aboard the One Day Express. It promises a never-before-seen celebration as cricket enthusiasts gear up for the grandest Cricket World Cup ever. Cricket fans around the globe can groove to the beats of ‘Dil Jashn Bole’ on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, Hungama, Resso, Wynk, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Soon, the anthem will also grace the airwaves of popular radio stations like Big FM and Red FM.


Ranveer Singh’s Enthusiasm

Expressing his excitement, actor Ranveer Singh, who is a dedicated cricket fan and part of the Star Sports family, stated, “Being part of this anthem launch for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is truly an honor. It’s a celebration of the sport we all love.”


Pritam’s Musical Triumph

Pritam Ranveer Singh Dil Jashn Bole

Pritam, the maestro behind the anthem’s sensational music, shared his thoughts. Saying, “Composing ‘Dil Jashn Bole’ for the biggest World Cup ever has been a tremendous honor for me. This song is not just for 1.4 billion Indian fans but for the whole world to come to India and be a part of the biggest celebration ever.” It also features Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife, Dhanashree Verma.


Celebrating The World Cup

Cricket World Cup

The music video for ‘Dil Jashn Bole’ captures the emotions of the global cricket fan community. Thus uniting fans from diverse cultures and nations. This fan-centric anthem promises to resonate with hearts and ignite spirits. The anthem embodies the essence of the World Cup by blending India’s unique passion for cricket with the national pride of all competing nations. It aspires to create an unrivaled global sporting spectacle that unites fans worldwide.


Join The Celebration

Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are invited to be part of this grand celebration. They can showcase their creative renditions of the anthem’s hook-step in various global locations. Thus, from cricket stadiums and educational institutions to iconic landmarks and historical monuments. To participate, simply team up with a friend to capture your unique hook-step performance. And share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #CWC23. The most captivating videos will be curated to create a collective Fan Anthem, showcasing the world’s enthusiasm for all to witness.


Save The Date

ODI World Cup 2023

As the excitement builds, mark your calendars for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. Therefore, it is scheduled to kick off from October 5th to November 19th. It’s not just cricket; it’s a global celebration you won’t want to miss. So, get ready to groove to the beats of ‘Dil Jashn Bole’ and join cricket fans worldwide in celebrating the upcoming extravaganza, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023!

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