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Watch: Anant Ambani’s Bollywood-Inspired Welcome For Bride-To-Be Radhika Merchant At Hastakshar Ceremony

Anant Ambani Welcoming Radhika Merchant

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding bash kicked off with ‘An Evening in Everland’ at Jamnagar, Gujarat, on March 1. The event drew a diverse guest list from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Bollywood. The couple is all set to tie the knot on July 12. On Day 3 of the pre-wedding ceremony, Anant Ambani and the entire Ambani family warmly welcomed Radhika Merchant during their Hastakshar ceremony.


Anant Ambani Welcoming Radhika Merchant Video


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Anant Ambani’s surprise Bollywood-style entry at ‘An Evening in Everland’ was a grand spectacle, setting the stage ablaze. The unconventional celebration marked the beginning of their unique journey.


‘A Walk On The Wildside’ And ‘Mela Rouge’


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Day two showcased ‘A Walk on the Wildside’ and ‘Mela Rouge.’ The former took guests to the Ambanis’ animal rescue center, emphasizing local activities. 2,000 attendees, including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, sported wildlife-themed attire.

‘A Walk on the Wildside’ immersed guests in the Ambani commitment to wildlife conservation with vibrant animal prints. Local activities added authenticity, blending opulence with cultural roots.


Tusker Trails And Casual Elegance


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March 3 concluded the festivities with ‘Tusker Trails,’ encouraging guests to explore Jamnagar in casual chic attire. The day promised a stylish outdoor experience.

‘Tusker Trails’ offered attendees a chance to revel in Jamnagar’s natural beauty, maintaining a perfect blend of elegance and comfort in the casual chic dress code.


The Hastakshar Ceremony

The Hastakshar ceremony, symbolizing Anant and Radhika’s union, took place at the Jamnagar Township Temple Complex. Adhering to an Indian attire dress code, the venue showcased India’s rich artistic heritage.

The Jamnagar Township Temple Complex, a picturesque backdrop for the Hastakshar ceremony, captured India’s cultural richness. Meticulous planning ensured a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.


Jamnagar’s Significance And Ambani Family Ties

Anant Ambani's Wife Radhika Merchant

Choosing Jamnagar held significance for the Ambani family, reflecting deep-rooted ties. Anant Ambani’s role on corporate boards continued the family legacy.

Jamnagar added a profound layer to the celebrations, resonating with the Ambani family’s history. Anant Ambani’s corporate roles embodied dedication to tradition and business, showcasing the family’s multifaceted legacy.

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