Virat Will Receive Special Gift By Sachin If He Breaks His ODI Centuries Record

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Sachin Tendulkar is the god of the Indian cricket team. He has performed tremendously amazing in cricket. His record of 100 centuries in International cricket is still the highest record. Virat Kohli has been challenged by Sachin Tendulkar to break his international ODI centuries record.


Sachin, in ODI match, has a record of scoring 49 centuries. Virat Kohli is very close to the 50- over format by making 35. Being on the second rank, he is all set to break Sachin’s record of 49 centuries so far. Sachin believes that Virat is capable enough to break his record and come in the first position. He is the only cricketer who can break Sachin’s record until now.


Sachin’s Gift To Virat


Sachin believes that Virat can surely break his record. In fact, he has a wonderful offer for him. Sachin will give Virat something special if he surpasses his record. Sachin told this at an event when one of the journalists asked him this question. The question was, “What will you do if Virat Kohli surpasses your record of 49 centuries in ODI format”? To which Sachin replied, “I will give Virat a special gift if he smashes my record in the ODI”.

And that gift is that he will give Virat 50 bottles of champagne and will also share one bottle with the journalist.

virat will get a gift if he breaks sachin's ODI record

He said, “will go and share a bottle with him if he breaks my record. I won’t send him champagne bottles; I will go there and share it with him.”

Well, that was really kind of Sachin as Virat also considers him as his mentor. We’re waiting for that day when this happens. This will really be a moment to see between these two cricket stars of different generations.

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