In Lungwa, Villagers Are Enjoying Dual Citizenship Perks – One Village Two Country




Nagaland which is one part of seven sisters of North India, has a part named Lungwa. Here, the village dwellers are not dependant on visa to move in Myanmar, because the place is the boundary between India and Myanmar. Some of the families, eat in India and cook in Myanmar. In fact, the son of chief has joined the Myanmar army. So, this says that the villagers of Lungwa hold dual citizenship, one from India and one from Myanmar. 

Resultantly, the boundary divides the chief's house into two halves. On part is in India and another half of the house is in Myanmar.

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"The Angh" is the king od Konyak Naga and hereditary chief. The most interesting fact is that, the king who has 60 wives, is ruling over more than 70 nearby villages which is extended up to Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh.

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The state has 11 districts, amidst which, the district Mon is situated in the extreme north of the state. Lungwa is one most huge district. The village is comprised of huge conventional houses which are made of wood. The place holds all charm of sight-seeing.

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