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Watch Video, Pak Girl Proposes To Boy On University Of Lahore Campus, Both Students Get Expelled

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Love knows no boundaries, no limits. When two people are in love, then they do not care for the future. They just want to feel the love and be with the person he or she loves. We have these kinds of stories in the movies. However, today we have the adorable video from across the border where the pak girl proposes to the boy. A girl with her right knee bent on the ground, holding a bouquet of roses, proposing to the boy. It has happened at the University of Lahore, Pakistan. As we have seen in the movies, many people in the world are against love. The same thing happened with this boy and a girl. Both the students Hadiqa Javed and Shehryar Ahmed expelled from the college for hugging and proposing inside the campus as per a PTI report.

It happened after the video of them went viral on the internet. On March 12, a disciplinary committee of the University of Lahore had a meeting and summoned them. But both of them failed to appear. The committee then opted to expel the girl and the boy and banned them from being on the campus. The University of Lahore said they have violated the university rules and were also involved in gross misconduct.

Hadiqa Javed Shehryar Ahmed

The video took social media by storm. In the video, the girl Hadiqa Javed proposes to the boy Shehryar Ahmed with her right knee bent on the ground and holding a bouquet of roses. The boy takes the flower and hugs the girl tightly. Many students standing nearby are seen cheering them and making a video. Watch the video below.

As soon as the video went viral, the University of Lahore took action and expelled the boy and the girl. The video received mixed reactions on Twitter. Some of them were against them, while many of them were seen praising the couple. Former Pakistan’s player Wasim Akram’s wife Shaniera Akram supported the duo and wrote,

“Apply all the rules you want but you can’t expel love! It’s in our hearts, it’s the best part about being young and it what makes life worth living! You learn more about love than you can ever learn at an institution.”

She added,

We just celebrated International women’s day and here we are with a top University expelling a young woman for having the confidence and empowerment to ask a man to marry her amongst the security of her peers. What kind of example are we setting here ? #CantExpelLove

We ask you which side you guys are with a university committee or the adorable duo? Do you think the university did the right thing by expelling them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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