Modern Life-Style – Is Vaping Getting Dominant Over Smoking


Since ages, man has been smoking tobacco in various forms in spite of being frightened by the medical science regarding a number of subsequent health hazards. With the consistent advancement in scientific technology, Electric smoking or vaping was introduced a few years back. Electro puffing or vaping involves a device with a coil and an E-liquid. The coil, heated by the battery, vaporizes the E-liquid and the vaper inhales the vapors direct to the lungs. This holds true when the resistance of the coil is below one ohm and the device creates much more vapors and the vaper inhales lower nicotine strength to get the same satisfaction. However, if the coil has the resistance above one ohm, the user generally uses a mouth-to-lung technique in which the vapor is first drawn into the mouth and then to the lung.


Been introduced in the modern form in 2003, vaping is now a sprawling industry. Numerous devices with hundreds of different flavors are available and still increasing as though they have come from science fiction. The strongest reason behind this large-scale proliferation is the fact that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking, according to Public Health England. The number of people abandoning smoking and adopting vaping is increasing rapidly. Now the question arises: Is old-fashioned smoking doomed? The answer is: vaping has not completely replaced smoking; it is actually dominating it gradually as the people are getting more awareness of the difference between the two. One involves inhaling tobacco directly; the other, no tobacco at all.


Two other very strong elements are also at work. The first one is cost. Vaping proves 90% cheaper than smoking, which is a very strong temptation in this world of utter dearness. Very much durable and efficient vape devices like Jupiter Vape Pens and Cannabis Vape Pens are easily available at very cheap rates. The second one is health. Due to the adverse effects of tobacco, a lot of people want to give up smoking completely. They are happy to vape indefinitely. The dangers or risk of smoking cannot be halved by halving your cigarette consumption. As a result, smoking is declining fast. The largest decline has been observed in those aged 18 to 24 in the United Kingdom.

The more the vaping industry learns to market itself, the sooner it will prevail. Fragmentation of brands and the restrictions on the advertisement are major reasons why the benefits of vaping take a while to become obvious.


A very bright and strong aspect of Electro puffing is the fact that E-liquid comes in a variety of nicotine strengths__ the usual variations being 18 mg/ml, 12, 6, 3 and zero. Most often, the beginners start with higher nicotine strength and gradually work their way down. Owing to a more efficient technology, the subsequent innovations of the devices have made it possible for the starters to inhale much lower than that in the previous years. This is because the amount of vapor produced by these efficient devices is higher, enabling each puff to deliver more nicotine than on more basic devices.

Nowadays, the tobacco industry is fighting back desperately whereas vaping is dominating quite rapidly. The main problem lies with the government policies and the lawmakers and not with the various aspects of the vaping industry. The world is realizing the less amount of risk associated with vaping but only gradually. There is still a ban on its advertisement, meaning vaping brands cannot promote a health message.

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