Udaipur – Vintage Car Collection Is Live Show Of Elite Lifestyle



The Palace Udaipur Vintage & Classic Car Collection is an old gold and full of ecstasy. Inaugurated on February 16, 2000  by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, who is founder of the National Motor Museum in England, this vintage car collection is the true manifestation of dreams in wheels.

All the classic and enduring vehicles kept in this museum belong to Maharanas of Mewar. Some of them have crossed over 9 decades but have been restored to ensure their proper functionality.

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The vintage car museum has perpetually gained the recognition serving hundreds of tourists everyday. Their vegetarian thali restaurant makes it an irresistible visit. They charge Rs. 250 for adults and Rs. 150 for children.

In context of this vintage car collection, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur says, “I was very lucky to inherit the family cars which are part of a unique collection of ‘single owner cars’ housed at The Vintage and Classic Car Collection. We have restored several cars and are committed to carrying on further restoration work in the future. The principal challenge was to put together a team at our workshop who would understand the nuances of this specialist work, and we are grateful to the visiting international consultants who helped train them. These cars are not just automobiles but the continuation of our living heritage.”

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This maharana’s car collection is an interesting delight, for this depicts a live picture of their elite lifestyle. This is home of  22 opulent vehicles, including a seven-seat 1938 Cadillac complete with purdah system, the beautiful 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom used in the Bond film Octopussy, and also Cadillac convertible that accompanied Queen Elizabeth II to the airport in 1961.


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