Tirthanand Rao Attempts Suicide During Facebook Live, Kapil Sharma’s Co-Star Drinks Poison; Video Deleted

Comedian Tirthanand Rao's Disturbing Live Video Raises Concerns

Tirthanand Rao Attempts Suicide

In a shocking turn of events, popular comedian Tirthanand Rao, known for his appearances on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and ‘Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe’. Recently attempted suicide during a live video on Facebook. The distressing incident has left his friends, colleagues, and fans deeply concerned about his well-being.


Kapil Sharma’s Co-Star Attempts Suicide On Facebook Live

Tirthanand Rao Suicide Case

During the now-deleted Facebook Live stream, Tirthanand Rao made alarming revelations about his personal life. He claimed to be in a tumultuous live-in relationship with a woman who he accused of emotionally blackmailing and manipulating him. Rao further alleged that she had extorted a significant sum of money from him, Thus plunging him into a debt of Rs 3-4 lakh. In the distressing video, Rao could be seen grabbing a bottle of insect repellant, and pouring it into a glass, and consuming it. He held the woman accountable for his desperate act, highlighting the extent of his anguish. As news of the live stream spread, his friends and colleagues rushed to his residence, where they discovered him unconscious.


Prompt Action And Ongoing Treatment

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Rao’s concerned friends wasted no time in summoning medical help. He was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment and support. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for timely intervention in such cases.


A Troubled Past

Tirthanand Rao Suicide Attempt

Sadly, this is not the first time that Rao has battled with suicidal thoughts. In December 2021, he had previously gone live on Facebook, expressing his intentions to end his life. Though he was saved by his assistant and friends, Rao opened up about his struggles in both his career and personal life. Financial difficulties and non-payment for his work have compounded his distress, pushing him to the brink.

Tirthanand Rao’s recent suicide attempt on Facebook Live has brought attention to the plight of those battling mental health issues within the entertainment industry. It serves as a wake-up call for society to prioritize the emotional well-being of individuals, also extending support and understanding in times of crisis. As the comedian continues to undergo treatment. It is our hope that he finds the strength and resilience to overcome these challenges. And embark on a path to recovery.

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