Tim Cook Praises 9-Year-Old Indian Girl Who Becomes The Youngest iOS App Developer

Tim Cook Hana Rafeeq

Imagine waking up to an appreciation email from Apple CEO Tim Cook. Well, for some people, this opportunity can be a dream come true. Recently, a 9-year-old girl received praise from Tim Cook via email. She is one of the youngest app developers in the world. A Dubai-based Indian youngster has also gained worldwide recognition for her successful accomplishment at such a young age. She claimed that while watching a documentary about the value of parent-child relationships, the idea for the app came to her. Here’s everything that you need to know about the Hanas app.


9-Year-Old Indian Girl Develops An iOS App

Hana Muhammad Rafeeq

In her initial letter to Cook, 9-year-old Hana Muhammad Rafeeq claimed to be the youngest iOS developer. This app allows parents to record stories for their children to feel more connected to them. The app also includes moral and classic children’s stories, bedtime stories, and short stories. As per Hanas’ official Apple App Store listing, it is made to offer customers a variety of content and entertainment options. According to her, she initially released this app with just one feature.

For children to enjoy hearing her as a friend, she also added her narrated Audio Stories. Hana created the app when she was 8 years old, claims Gulf News. She sent Apple CEO Tim Cook an email when the app was ready. She claimed to have written more than 10,000 lines of code for this application in an email to Cook. The girl also refrained from using any pre-made code, libraries, or classes from third parties in her app. She added that she created the app to convey to the Apple executive how passionately she loves technology.


Apple CEO Tim Cook Appreciated The Young Girl

Apple CEO Tim Cook iPhone

Tim Cook responded by sending the 9-year-old child an email. He praised Hana for her remarkable accomplishments at such a young age. He also wished her the best and the ability to do great things in the future. Hana was dozing off when Mohammed Rafeeq, her father, first saw the email. He claimed that he woke her up to convey the news to her. She immediately sat up and went to the bathroom. Normally, it takes a while to wake her up, but not this time.

Hana Rafeeq Sister Leena

Interestingly, Hana learns to code from her 10-year-old sister. When she was 6 years old, her sister also made a website. Next year, Hana would also like to attend Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next year.

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