Tesla Car Is Orbiting The Space Right Now And It Was Live Streamed – Check Video

Elon Musk Space Xvia

Elon Musk has taken a step closer to his super-scientific vision of settling humans on Mars within the next two decades time. On February 7 (IST), SpaceX launched its first Falcon Heavy rocket, the largest and most powerful functional rocket in the world today, from Pad 39A at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Not only did he launch his rocket but he also had his other company Tesla’s car released in space!

After the launch, both first-stage boosters returned safely to the ground which is a huge success and saved millions of money.

Falcon Space X Launch

Unlike the spectacle of the near-simultaneous touchdown of the twin side boosters, Musk relayed the fate of the rocket’s center booster, which missed its drone-ship landing. The mammoth vehicle – the most powerful since the shuttle system – lifted clear of its pad without incident to soar high over the Atlantic Ocean. The company’s total investment in Falcon Heavy was a lot more than I’d like to admit,” Musk said, adding that SpaceX considered canceling the program three times because it was so hard and posed significant design challenges.

Elon Musk Tesla

Not only did Musk perform such tremendous tasks achieving a whole new level in science. He also live streamed the videos from space on social media platforms which clearly show he is not one of those outdated rich guys!

Here’s The Live Stream Video From The Car!

 Such a cool thing to witness right? A car is literally floating in space orbiting around while we are still trying to face our everyday life struggles. We should look up to such great achievements of people as such and motivate ourselves and do something useful! Elon had to face a series of hardships too but he was courageous! He is an inspiration to many of us. Read about his struggles and how he overcame it!