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Is Telephone Counseling Therapy Appropriate? Let Us Find Out

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The world is suffering from a Coronavirus pandemic. Many countries have forced a lockdown. The government has advised people to stay at their homes. People working at essential services are the only ones currently allowed to go out without reason. Many scientists and doctors from all over the world are working to prepare a vaccine. This lockdown is necessary because of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. It is a contagious disease and spreads from one person to another.

As people are staying at their homes, activities like domestic violence have also increased because of lockdown. Many people have started facing mental health-related issues like insomnia, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, behavioral and emotional disorders, etc. To overcome these issues, people can use counseling and/or therapy. However, the question remains: “Is telephone counseling therapy appropriate for me?” Let us find out.


Is Telephone Counseling Therapy Appropriate?

Telephone Counseling Therapy

Nowadays, there are more advanced technologies. Many things have become much more comfortable and efficient, like in the field of health, fitness, counseling, and therapy. Many people still think that for counseling or therapy, you have to meet the counselor in-person to get the satisfaction and desired results. Some people are still unsure of telephone counseling. It all depends on situations and circumstances. In most of the cases, telephone counseling is perfect. Nevertheless, phone counseling has saved lives, in the form of suicide prevention and even addiction treatment hotlines.

There is an online counseling site BetterHelp that offers non-crisis related telephone counseling. We need to ask ourselves if therapy by phone can be useful. By using technology, distance therapy can work by connecting clients with their therapists at any location. In most cases, telephone-counseling therapy is more effective than in-person therapy or counseling. Many people are in need but unable to see a counselor or therapist. As an example, people who are having anxiety issues like social anxiety disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder, have a difficult time going out in the crowd or talking to strangers. Some patients who are suffering from depression have a difficult time getting out of bed sometimes. For these people, telephone therapy works as a lifesaver.


Telephone Counseling Therapy Is More Affordable

Telephone Counseling Therapy

Telephone counseling therapy can also save you lots of money because the cost of this therapy is very reasonable. The reason is that the therapists do not have many investments and expenses like the traditional therapist. They do not have to pay for office space, transportation costs, etc. Hence, it is much more affordable.


Who Should Not Use Telephone Counseling Therapy?

Telephone Counseling Therapy

The people with current suicidal thoughts are not advised to use phone therapy, as this is considered an emergency. For those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, traditional in-person therapy is much better. However, an individual can undoubtedly get intensive and personal treatment via video chat, where the therapist can see those visual cues that they need.

Therefore, it all depends on the individual and the therapist, because situations can be different for everyone, and not every therapist can be appropriate for all. If you just want to talk about your feelings and express your thoughts, have concerns about mental and emotional health, and need advice, then telephone-counseling therapy is a genuinely useful healing tool. However, if you have suicidal thoughts or you need medication; then, traditional therapy is better for you. 

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